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MCA Entrance tests are unique in the sense that the attributes required to clear it are more than to meet the eye. Not only is knowledge important, a capacity to stay cool under time constraint is also required. Intelligence is no doubt crucial but a knack for basic common sense plays an equally important role. We will try to explain these factors and their role in a successful attempt at the MCA Entrance examinations.

The golden tips to solve a Test Paper to score maximum marks:

Although each person has his/her strong/weak areas and tries to attempt the paper as per his/her strengths/weaknesses, still, if possible, you should follow the following points to exploit your potential to the fullest.

  • Always scan the test paper first in about 1 minute and then only start solving.

  • Apply the S-S-S-S approach - that means Scan-Search-Select-Solve.

  • Always attempt the easiest questions (or at least those which you think are the easiest) first. Never ever spend disproportionately large time on any one question.

  • Neglect the elements of surprise/tough questions in the beginning. The examiners tend to give you the toughest questions in the beginning or the end of a section to frustrate you. Always look for questions which are easiest.

  • Do not get stuck on a tough puzzle or reasoning type questions.

  • Solve as many questions as you can using the choices.

  • Develop the art of eliminating wrong answer choices by approximation / intelligent guesses.

  • Be very fast at mental calculations.

  • Do as little rough work as possible as the space given in the examination is very limited.

  • Remember, all these exams demand on your part to strike a very mature balance between speed and accuracy. If you try to go exceptionally fast, you will commit not only mistakes but blunders and if you are too cautious about your accuracy, you may just fail to reach the desired cutoff.

  • Read the directions VERY carefully. Otherwise be ready to lose a lot of marks otherwise duly deserved.

  • Memory plays the most important role in any Maths based test. Make sure you revise the theory and standard results at least 5 times before the test.

  • Always try to solve the paper in 2 rounds. In the first round, solve the direct formulae based problems and in the second round solve the calculative problems. Be thorough with various mathematical formulae so that you can save time in the first round which can be utilized in the second round.

  • Take a good nightís sleep before going for the actual test. Take this point very seriously.

  • Donít study anything just prior to your exam, keep the mind light and fresh.

  • Donít forget to take your Admit Card, HB pencils, watch, sharpener, eraser and the other absolutely essential prerequisites.

  • The most important of all - trust you and your capabilities and never forget that you are the sole beneficiary of your efforts so make it a knock-out attempt.

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