Sanmacs India - Best for MCA Entrance Preparation
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Sanmacs India - Best for MCA Entrance Preparation


SANMACS - the admixture of two words SAN and MACS with allegorically symbolic meaning to syncretize a Synergical Syndrome. SAN - borrowed from the word SANCTUM - meaning a sacred place - an inviolable refuge or shelter, and MACS - borrowed from the words - MACULA - meaning Sun Spot. Both conjoined makes SANMACS - thereby referring to a sacredly dependable place with rays of SUN - coming like the light of knowledge to dispel the area of darkness of ignorance from student's minds.

We call the MCA preparatory-course 'Mega Leap' in order to mean a large, long, gigantic jump in the academic career of the students.

We have emblemized as a badge or a monogram of our institute like a printed symbol. It refers to 'I' as an individual - a nucleus phenomenon - who is Absolute - Supreme - like the Lord Brahma - in this Universe. This 'I' refers to every student - who has to arouse his inner 'eye' - the macro and micro vision in this field of Computer Application. After all, it is this intrinsic vision, the slight and light of intellect that is of paramount significance today and eternally for always.

The symbols are made broad and gothic to denote that it is the base, i.e. the foundation which needs to be strong, solid and profoundly consolidated. The dot upon has been shaped like a star, which reveals that it is constantly revolving like the human destiny - which too is constantly circling and changing. The symbolism also suggests that there is always a room and scope for better change, advancement and improvisation. Nothing is a story final deadend, still life and tenacity both persist.

Our corporate colors comprise of Sky Blue and Orange:

Sky Blue - to make a student feel and realize that the world is so vast, so infinite, so wider a horizon. And for success - Sky is the maximum limit. Dream any dizzy height to reach or attain.

Orange colour reflects the glow of the early morning Sun - the monarch of the eastern horizon.

Between the lines it means that let every student of SANMACS INDIA rise with the beaming glow like the rising Sun in his or her individual life and career.


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