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Banasthali Vidyapith aims at a synthesis of spiritual value of the East and scientific spirit of the West. It encourages the development of balanced personality through its five-fold educational Programme, known as ‘Panchmukhi Shiksha’. This programme, which evolved from experimentation, attempts a balance between five aspects of education: Physical, Practical, Aesthetic, Moral and Intellectual.

The main thrust of all the activities of the Vidyapith is the development of a complete personality. The institution firmly believes that the personality consists of interdependent components, each being equally important requiring equal attention. The ‘Panchmukhi Shiksha’ addresses the following aspects.

  • Physical : Under physical education program various activities like parade , shooting, riding, flying, girl guiding, bulbul, swimming, yoga and various modern and traditional sports like kabbadi, kho-kho, hockey, basket ball, badminton, long jump, high jump etc . are included.

  • Aesthetic : After music & painting up to class v students can choose either music (vocal or instrumental) or painting. Dance education is also being provided.

  • Practical : Under practical education sanganary printing & dying,batique, bandhej, tailoring, embroidry, craft, papermache etc. are included under domestic education. Students are supposed to perform cleaning and washing and collective Shramadan.

  • Moral : The aim of moral education is to develop personality of the students, so as to respect for all the religions. It is by means of collective prayers weekly, talk, Veda, Geeta & Ramayana path etc. The common evening prayer and Udbodhen program is unique.

  • Intellectual : Intellectual education is being given to the students in order to avoid the relative aspects of modern education. Natural and social sciences with languages and math's are being taught with sciences from the beginning . Education methods are adopted with the help of projects related to social and natural environment. Vidyapith never believes in just examination based education system. it gives emphasis on practical education.

This way the students develop an integrated and balanced personality.

Note :-
The above information has been taken from the website of respective university/institute. Sanmacs India is no way responsible for the authenticity of data provided here in. For any discrepancy, the student should contact respective university/institute.

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