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Exam pattern:


Time: 45 minutes          Questions: 50           Marks: 50

Number System: Natural numbers, integers, rational numbers and real numbers, Complex numbers, real and imaginary parts.

Coordinate Geometry: Distance and Section formulae, location of line in, a plane, angle between two lines, parallel and perpendicular lines. Location of a circle, conic section, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola.

Functions: Algebra of real functions and their graphs, polynomial and rational functions. One-one, onto and inverse functions.

Trigonometry: Trigonometric functions, addition formulae, trigonometrically ratios. Solutions of simple trigonometric equation.

Quadratic Equations and Inquations: Their solutions, roots of a quadratic equation, relationship between the roots and the co-efficients, nature of roots. Solution of quadratic in equations with their graphic representations.

Sequence and Series: AP, GP and their sums.

Matrices and Determinants:Types of matrices, rank of a matrix, determinant and its-properties, inverse of matrix, solution of linear equations having a single solution. Cramer’s rule.

Mathematical Operations: BODMAS

Algebra: Set theorem, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem.

Differential and Integral Calculus: Differentiation and integration of functions, limits and continuity of a function.

Statistics and Probability: Population and sample, measures of central tendency and dispersion, correlation and regression (two variable cases). Probability on a discrete sample space, events, addition and multiplication theorems, conditional probability.



Time: 45 minutes          Questions: 50           Marks: 50

Computer Fundamentals: Simple model of a computer, components and their functions, concepts about bit, byte and words, storage device and input/output devices, machine languages, assembly language, high level language, problem solving, flowcharts, pseudo codes and algorithms, system software, application software, compilers, interpreters, assemblers. Types of computers.

Data Representation: Integer and floating point representation, codes (ASCII, EBCDIC, BCD).

Number System: Decimal, octal, hexadecimal. Binary arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Computer Architecture: Boolean algebra, organization of CPU, registers of CPU, interrupts, software and hardware, CPU bus architecture, data transfer schemes, fundamentals of parallel processing, type of memory.

Data Structures: Basic Data Structures: Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs and trees traversals searching and sorting.

Operating System: Batch processing, on-line processing, multi-programming, time sharing, real time processing, introduction to operating system services, CPU scheduling algorithms, memory management schemes.

Introduction to Data Processing: Data types, constants, variables, records and files, data processing cycle.

Basic Concepts of Programming Languages: Binding, translators, software simulators, binding times, elementary and structured data types, object oriented programming: objects, classes, instances, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.

Overview of DBMS: Basic DBMS terminology, architecture of DBMS, distributed databases, data models, integrity, security, recovery and concurrency.

Computer Networks: Data communications fundamentals, types of communications, need for communication networks, characteristics of communication channels, computer network hardware and software. Reference models: TCP/IP, OSI and introduction to internet.

Software Engineering: Phases of SDLC, SRS, design methodologies (Structured design and object oriented design) testing.


Time: 45 minutes          Questions: 50           Marks: 50

This paper will have the topics of logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical reasoning, quantitative comparisons, series formation, arithmetic calculations such as profit and loss, interest, ratio, proportion, averages, etc.


Time: 45 minutes          Questions: 50           Marks: 50

This paper will cover the general awareness about international, national and regional events, current affairs related to science & technology, ecology, politics, sports, important personalities, books, and historical, political and geographical facts, etc.


Time: 45 minutes          Questions: 50           Marks: 50

This paper will have questions from English language and its usage such as choosing correct spellings, completion of sentences with suitable propositions/articles, word meaning, one word substitution, synonym, antonym, meaning of idioms and phrases, choosing correcting grammatical errors in a part of given sentence, filling the blanks with correct form of verb, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

*As per MCA Entrance Notification 2012

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