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1. Geometry: Two-Dimensional; straight lines, circles and conic sections, Three-Dimensional; straight lines and spheres.

2. Algebra: Set theory, Relations, Mappings and its applications, Permutations and Combinations.

3. Calculus: Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Rolle's and Mean value theorems, Differentiation, Partial Differentiation, Maxima and Minima of functions of one and two variable. Successive differentiation. Integration by using substitution, partial fraction and by parts, Definite integral and its properties, Applications of definite integral to evaluate length and area of simple plane curves.

4. Vector Analysis: Scalar and vector products of two , three and four vectors and their applications.

5. Statistics, Probability and Linear Programming : Measures of Central tendency, Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis. Correlation and Regression. Basic concepts of probability, Conditional probability, Baye's theorem, Discrete and continuous distributions (Binomial, Poisson, and Normal distributions), Fundamentals of linear programming problems, Graphical solution, Simplex method and its variants.

6. Matrices: Types of matrices rank of a matrix, solution of system of linear equations, Cayley Hamilton theorem, Inverse of a matrix, Determinant and its properties.

7. Numerical Analysis: Differential equations of first order and their solutions, Linear differential equations of first and higher order with constant coefficients.


Computer Awareness

o Computer Basics: Organization of a computer, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Structure of instructions in CPU, input/output devices, computer memory, memory organization, back-up devices.

o Data Representation: Representation of characters, integers, and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, Binary Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, floating point representation of numbers, normalized floating point representation, Boolean algebra: truth tables, Venn diagrams.

o Basics of C Programming and Operating Systems : Computer programming in C : data types, loop and control statements, functions. Fundamentals of operating systems: multiprogramming, multitasking, Multiprocessing and time sharing systems.

o Networking and Internet : Categories of Computer Network, Network topologies, Network media, Concepts of LAN, MAN and WAN, Search Engines, Basic internet applications.


General Knowledge/Analytical Ability

The question in this section will cover logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial reasoning and also this section shall carry questions to test the general awareness about business, finance, industry, transportation, scientific inventions, information technology, governance, healthcare and cultural dimensions etc.

*As per MCA Entrance Notification 2013

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