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The 21st century is surely and sorely going to be ruled by the computers. In fact, it has intruded the bedrooms of the corporate engineers and business magnets. With the spectrum of computer applications widening all over the world, the software industry in India too has been growing almost proportionately. India is very fast cropping up as one of the mega-leaders in the arena of Information Technology. The Indian IT software sector has shown phenomenal growth in the past few years, & today the industryis considered a major base for offshore IT services across the globe.

India also has many IT software and services companies listed on the NASDAQ. In fact the figures for the software export industry are impressive. India’s software and services exports are substantial. This year the total revenue aggregate for the sector is expected to exceed  US$  47.8 billion,   nearly a   ten-fold increase over the aggregate revenue of US$ 4.8 billion, reported in FY 1998 and the direct employment is likely to cross 1.6 million.

Indian and India-centric companies have reached critical mass: a substantial number of the Fortune 1000 companies are their customers. According to a recent story, by 2010, the Indian companies will be world class IT-services, software product, IT-enabled services and E-business focused companies. They will have global dominance in their core areas of legacy/client server systems, clear ascendancy in cross-border IT and IT-enabled services and an unassailable position in software products and E-business. The revenues from IT sector will increase from US$ 4.8 billion in 1998 to US$ 97 billion by 2010, including US$ 60 billion of exports.

There has been a rapid shift towards computer-oriented careers in the past decade or so. Instead of the fact that nearly 68,000 new professionals are emerging out of India every year, still the manpower in IT sector fall short by 2.2 million professionals in the next 5 years. Thus there is more scope in IT than any other career field. The scenario in employment sector on the software front is not only healthy and encouraging but stupendously stimulating and promising too. In fact, the employment scene on the software front is so heartening today that many computer engineers, basically the hardware people, are switching over to software. So much so that the gap between supply and demand for trained software personnel is expanding.

Naturally, with demand overtaking supply, the emoluments too are rising for the software personnel. Consequently, a steady, sound and exhaustive elaborate knowledge has become an essential requisite today even more than a day’s Breakfast or Dinner. And Masters in Computer Application (MCA), so to say, has become a watchword for success -- being held in high esteem by the industry. The study of MCA is just directly angled at such a high level technical education in Computer Applications, which is engulfing the life of a person from a multi-farious way.


These days, nearly every small or big companies thrive upon software professionals, correspondingly trying to hunt the MCA’S and bring under their dragnet. An MCA by virtue of possessing a wide, comprehensive knowledge of database management systems, a thorough know-how of computers, System Science, Information Processing, thus contributing significantly to industry, business and government organizations at all levels of decision making, thus easily can serve any kind of software environment and also any level in the

hierarchy ranging from a programmer, to a project leader, to a software consultant as per varying and alleviating experience. An accomplished MCA is inducted in the industry with a starting salary varying from a gross of Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs per annum. Foreign salaries normally start at $50,000-$100,000 per annum. Normally, every MCA qualified professional gets a chance to work in differentcountries in very early stage of his professional career and thus getting an international exposure.

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