Sanmacs India - Best for MCA Entrance Preparation
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Sanmacs India - Best for MCA Entrance Preparation


18 Out of First 22 Selections in DU MCA Entrance 2006 are from SANMACS

Kavita Garg
I Love SANMACS because of the teaching approach of SANMACS teachers. I like the positive attitude of the faculty. They always encourage us to do something which others can't do. They teach us in the best possible manner so that the study becomes easy.

Sandeep Jain

  • I Love SANMACS because of three reasons:

    1. Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal - The best Academician I have ever met with such a level of confidence & still modest. I aspire to be like him.

  1. Confidence - My own confidence has reached a new level that make me feel "YES I CAN DO IT".

  2. Competitive attitude - Sanmacs made me feel for the first time that "to be best we have to beat the best".

Shailja Gupta
I Love SANMACS because of unique way of teaching here, giving more importance to logical development rather than just cramming formulas and facts.

Swati Kaushik
I Love SANMACS because of the best guidance received here.

Vimal Dhupar
I Love SANMACS because of systematic approach adopted here with due care and concern towards the students success.

Sankalp Bhambari
I Love SANMACS because the way of teaching is excellent. Interacting with the faculty here is a wonderful experience.

Anjali Gupta
I Love SANMACS because it is one of the very few places that I enjoy going to..... thank to Sanjay Sir. He is simply the BEST. His sense of humour (even in depressing times) really admire. Learning new logical tricks in a cool & informal environment and switching between the totally different topics has always added to the fun

in the class. No Doubt, SANMACS has a bright future ahead and being a Sanmacsian is just wonderful.

Sangeeta Pillai
I Love SANMACS because of the dedication of its faculty and staff members. It provides an excellent learning environment. I am glad that I choose this institute for my MCA coaching.

Agraj Mangal
I Love SANMACS because it not only helps me grow as an individual but also provides to me, an upper hand in competitive examinations.

Swati Jain
I Love SANMACS because it has improve my skills to a level at which I can see a successful career.

Adesh Gupta
I Love SANMACS because it transformed us into the best.

Varun Mittal
I Love SANMACS because it's a home away from home. Here, learning is a fun. The way in which Sanjay Sir sweeps away all the tension and pressure associated with exams, his sense of humour and ' ALWAYS COOL ' attitude, really makes one confident. Each and every teacher in SANMACS knows his subject well and

don't let my doubt to be left unsorted. Friendly staff, nice classrooms and 'THE BEST TEACHERS', that marks the beauty of SANMACS. I am proud to be a 'SANMACSIAN'.

Rohit Chopra
Thanks for the help.

Manish Raj
I Love SANMACS because of some extraordinary teachers and their exceptional way of teaching. It's a place where one can generates or regains his thinking power which uplifts your confidence level. I don't have had such experience, as going through here. After all it's Mr. Sanjay Agarawal's Institute where one can see the difference.

Jag Mohan
I love SANMACS because it help me to enhance my knowledge and performance. Here only, I learn the right way to study.

I Love SANMACS because it is premier institute for preparing the MCA and it provide excellent coaching.

Nidhi Manchanda
I love SANMACS because the way of teaching is too good, we can clear all our doubts, without any hesitation.

Amit Kumar
I Love SANMACS because learning is a fun and Sanjay Aggarwal Sir is a good teacher as well as best human being in this world.

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