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Sanmacs India - Best for MCA Entrance Preparation


An exclusive time bound course


It is the flagship course of Sanmacs India. The duration of the course is approximately 250-300 hrs spread over 7-9 months. The classes are usually conducted 3 days a week of 2hrs duration each. However this may be increased depending on the demand of the course curriculum. The course has been designed and is taught in such a manner that a student is able to increase his/her speed in attempting the test paper without compromising with the accuracy of the answer. The course coverage is exhaustive and it prepares students for all the leading MCA Entrance examinations in India (e.g. DU, JNU, PUNE, BHU, NIMCET, PUC, IIT Roorkee etc.).


The first batch is started in the 3rd / 4th week of June and is called "Saturday - Sunday" batch. For this batch, during college vacations classes are conducted 5 (or 6) days a week and after vacations, classes are only on Saturdays and Sundays. However, Students may have to come on week days for periodic test and discussions etc. The timings on weekdays are adjusted so as to avoid clash with their college timings. This batch has been specially designed for students who will be doing final year of their graduation simultaneously with MCA preparation.
In subsequent batches, which will be started in late July or early August, classes are normally conducted three days a week. Similar batches are also started in September and October. A student may opt for forenoon batch (11am to 1pm) or evening batch (4pm to 6pm).


Passout students or students in their final year of graduation who want to prepare thoroughly.


  • State of the art regular classes by best faculty.

  • 24x7 Online Support.

  • Discussion forum to discuss problems/solutions.

  • Free On-line Tests.

  • Printed Material/Assignments.

  • Regular Faculty Interaction and counseling about various MCA Entrance examinations.

  • Periodic tests with follow-up discussion/solution.

  • Comprehensive full length tests based on the different MCA Entrance patterns.

  • Comprehensive information about MCA entrance tests schedule/procedure.

  • Support in acquiring and filling various entrance examination forms.

  • Access to SANMACS PREVILEGE area on the sanmacs official website, which is having a pool of important information not accessible to everyone.

  • Active help from SANMACS Alumni doing MCA from all top MCA Institutions of India.

  • Lectures/ Seminars by educational psychologist.

  • Lectures/ Seminars by experts from the computer industry.

  • Counseling on choosing the best MCA (on clearing more than one entrance examination).


To know the complete course fees, contact Sanmacs Office at (011) 28757911, 28757630, 9540661880 or mail at

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