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Admission hello sir,my air rank in bhu mca is 30.will it be a wise decision to take admission in bhu... aman mehrotra on 15/07/2015 1576 SA
Admission Hello Sir, I got admission in HBTI kanpur and will also get admission on BHU since my rank... Deeoak on 12/07/2015 1123 SA
Admission Sir which one to choose, Igdtu ,bvp,or du msc comp sc..?? sakshi jain on 11/07/2015 955 SA
Admission Sir, I have been alloted bvp in ip university and nit kurukshetra in nimcet.Which college ... piyush aggarwal on 11/07/2015 1122 SA
Admission Sir,I got 62 rank in general and 10 in OBC at BHU( comp. Sci). I want to know which in... Sushant yadav on 05/07/2015 783 SA
Counselling sir,i got 320 rank in ip and got selected in jamia millia islamia,which college should i c... Miral Gandhi on 05/07/2015 934 SA
Counselling Respected sir, I am student of du bsc cs student.I am selected in msc operational researc... Surender yadav on 04/07/2015 839 SA
Admission sir, i got 709 rank in nimcet and i got nit agartala and my ipu rank is 61 and i got usit.... Kirti Sharma on 03/07/2015 1214 SA
Counselling Sir, i secured 461 rank in nimcet i belong to OBC after round 2 i am getting calicut is ... Ashad meraj on 28/06/2015 775 SA
Admission Respected Sir, My IP rank is 139. Can I get USIT? My NIMCET rank is 776(OBC) and gettin... Sushant yadav on 27/06/2015 1186 SA
Counselling Sir I got 559 rank in ipu general Category I want to know will I get bvp second shift a... himani bhatt on 27/06/2015 798 SA
Admission Hello sir, my rank in ipu is 149 amd I am highly confused which college to give preference... Drishti Saxena on 26/06/2015 920 SA
Admission sir, my nimcet air rank is 1938.i belong obc.can i get any nit college. simran khatoon on 26/06/2015 739 SA
Counselling Sir, I have secured 410 rank in nimcet and 31 in SAU. Second round allotment is nit durg... Nishant Kumar on 26/06/2015 689 SA
Counselling Sir, my nimcet rank is 474 and ip rank is 5 (open). i am getting nit durgapur and ip unive... Archie Pandey on 26/06/2015 796 SA
Admission Sir, 1) I got NIT Kurukshetra in 2nd round. Shall I wait for Nit Allahabad (surrend... Sushant yadav on 26/06/2015 761 SA
Counselling Respected sir, nit Jamshedpur or nit kurukshetra which is best? Mohit Kathuria on 26/06/2015 711 SA
Admission shall i take admission in pondicherry university for mca and what about placements anil singh on 26/06/2015 576 SA
Counselling sir i got air 534 (open) in nimcet n air 91 in vit(open) ...which option should i proceed... nids 123 on 26/06/2015 665 SA
Counselling Respected sir I have got nit raipur in 2 (same as in 1st round)round of nimcet2015..shoul... nids 123 on 26/06/2015 816 SA
Admission Respected Sir,My Rank in ip mca cet is 1093 , I am selected in DAIICT and Banasthali Vidya... Prachi Julka on 19/06/2015 698 SA
Counselling Sir,My All India Rank in NIMCET is 1308.I belong to OBC Category.Can i get nit college. Priyanka Singh on 19/06/2015 785 SA
Admission Respected sir, I am Abhiyant kumar from delhi got 329 rank in IPU MCA cet 2015. I want you... Abhiyant kumar on 19/06/2015 887 SA
Admission sir i have got 267 rank in nimcet open category i have alloted nit calicut is there any ch... raj singh on 19/06/2015 843 SA
Admission sir my nimcet air rank is 1900.i belong obc .am i eligible nit college. mahmud alam on 17/06/2015 818 SA
Admission Sir I have scored 397th rank in nimcet 2015 Which college will be alloted to me , most p... Arun Samria on 14/06/2015 705 SA
Counselling hello ip rank is 429(Delhi,defense) and nimcet is 1107(obc)..what do you prefer si... kapil Kumar on 13/06/2015 859 SA
Admission Hello sir my nimcet rank is 648 in open ....which institutes sshould I fill for my choice... Palak on 13/06/2015 868 SA
Admission Sr i hv hot 1311 rank in mca of ipu.. can i get admission in better college of ipu Meenakshi Kumari on 12/06/2015 681 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications i got 664 rank in ggsipu mca entrance test cat-delhi gen which colleges should i opt..can ... varsha rana on 11/06/2015 796 SA
Counselling SIR , I GOT RANK 417 IN IP AND 432 IN NIMCET . WHICH WILL B BETTER NIMCET OR IP ? WHI... jayant deswal on 10/06/2015 692 SA
Counselling Sir, I scored 244 in NIMCET and got the rank of 790all india rank obc cat.. Could yo... nagendra mishra on 10/06/2015 549 SA
Admission sir i have secured rank 14 in HCU and my nit rank is 506(general category) in nimcet 2015.... chhavi gupta on 10/06/2015 592 SA
Counselling Sir, my rank in nimcet 2015 is 410, which colleges I should choose??? Nishant Kumar on 10/06/2015 519 SA
Admission Sir my rank in NIMCET is 691. Is there a possibility of me getting a good college. I'm in ... Mayank Srivastava on 09/06/2015 529 SA
Admission Sir I've got 282 rank in NIMCET open category Which college can I get? lakshit garg on 09/06/2015 600 SA
Admission sir i got 496 rank in nimcet 2015 exam , which nit college i should choose and between ni... shreyansh mansinghka on 09/06/2015 580 SA
Counselling i got rank 158(outside general) in indraprastha university ,and all india rank 715 (open c... sarwjeet kumar on 09/06/2015 532 SA
Counselling i got rank 158(outside general) in indraprastha university ,and all india rank 715 (open c... sarwjeet kumar on 09/06/2015 704 SA
Eligibility Sir, I scored 259 in NIMCET and got the rank of 670 under general. Could you please ... Pratyasha Pratik on 09/06/2015 587 SA
Admission sir my ip rank is 61 and nimcet rank is 709.Plz tell me which one i should prefer and whic... Kirti Sharma on 09/06/2015 719 SA
Admission Sir, I have got 372 rank in IP MCA Entrance 2015. Which colleges will colleges should i... Ravi Sharma on 12/05/2015 959 SA
Admission Sir, my IPU cet Rank is 1719.Which colg can i get..Which is preferable 1st shift or 2nd sh... Chandrakant Sharma on 07/05/2015 905 SA
Admission Sir,my rank is 1769 in Ipu MCA entrance 2015,have any chance to get admission in Ipu? Aneesha baranwal on 06/05/2015 852 SA
MCA Entrance Training How i should prepare by myself in one year for mca exams rinky pal on 04/01/2015 736 SA
Career Options Sir what is the minimum and maximum package for mca in hyderabad university Gourav Sinha on 23/12/2014 751 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Dear sir i am done bca without math and10+2 have math so i want to do mca in aligarh musli... Abdul Majid on 22/12/2014 883 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir i have done my graduation this year in bsc computer science with 59 %. i want to apply... garima rawat on 19/12/2014 830 SA
Others sir i want to ask ....which city is best for mca study ...chandigarh or delhi .... like be... geet khokher on 02/07/2014 1014 SA
Universities sir which is best for mca  in ipu delhi or punjab university, chandigarh ?i got 180 r... geet khokher on 02/07/2014 1282 SA
Counselling  Sir, I got 1150 rank in obc category can i secure nit raipur Abhi Prime on 25/06/2014 1223 SA
Counselling Sir,I have got admission in bvp(pune) campus, also i have got 10th rank in manipal u... Kalika Kocchar on 25/06/2014 867 SA
Admission Sir, is it good to do MCA from IP university? Considering previous year cut off list, i m... yugal MAHAJAN on 24/06/2014 1136 SA
Counselling sir, my AIR rank in nimcet 2014 is 903 and i am under the OBC catogary ,so surely can i ge... Shashi Prakash on 24/06/2014 841 SA
Counselling Thank You Sir, so I should not lose hope? There are chances. Thank You Sir. sahil sharma on 24/06/2014 763 SA
Admission sir wen would the jnu reslt be out??? pallavi sharma on 23/06/2014 1012 SA
Counselling Respected Sir, my IPU rank is 358(general) and i have attained rank 3 (muslim women),in ... RUMSHA TASNEEM on 23/06/2014 858 SA
Counselling Sir , My nimcet AIR is 825, marks is 289 with obc category. can i get nit calicut? or any... abhijeet gupta on 23/06/2014 877 SA
Others Dear Sir, When du mca result will be out.. Umesh Mutreja on 22/06/2014 704 SA
Others sircan i eligible for mca becoz i have lost two year after graduationalso what is jnu elig... Ajit Kumar on 22/06/2014 722 SA
Counselling sir,out of usict and du,which one is more preferable in terms of education and pla... kavita routela on 22/06/2014 829 SA
Admission Sir i am a sanmacsian , i have got 100 rank in ipu entrance and 70 rank in VIT entrance. W... Vijay Kumar on 21/06/2014 1059 SA
Admission Hello Sir, My IP Rank is 252, n NIMCET rank is 375, GEN category. Should I prefer a IP co... Naheed Shamim on 21/06/2014 980 SA
Admission sir i hav been selected for MSC(tech) industrial maths with comp. applications in JAMIA an... Prateek Joshi on 21/06/2014 671 SA
Admission Hello sir my name is raj bisht i am the last year student of sanmacs now i selected in G.B... rajendra bisht on 21/06/2014 984 SA
Admission sir which out of panjab university and nit kurukshetra is better for mca?? and can you p... pallavi sharma on 20/06/2014 1060 SA
Counselling Dear Sir, I am sanmacsian and i have got 530 rank in ipu but did not register f... Aditya kumar on 19/06/2014 794 SA
Admission Sir , i got rank 407 in NIMCET which NIT could i get and my ip rank is 55 and I am also sh... Richa Chhabra on 19/06/2014 896 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir i hav got 594 rank in ip mca cet category general...i want to know can i gat admis... surbhi bansal on 19/06/2014 768 SA
Admission sir I am not sunmacs student but want your warm regard , my rank in ipu is 356 (out side ... rahul kumar on 19/06/2014 944 SA
Admission Sir pls tell me about south asian university ...for msc computer science is it good?? Neha Gogia on 17/06/2014 939 SA
Admission sir,i got 450 rank in nimcet,is there any chance of getting good nit?? reena tarkar on 17/06/2014 1012 SA
Counselling sir my rank in nimcet is 1373 and my category is there any possibility of getti... rishika sharma on 17/06/2014 882 SA
Admission hello sir.. i've got 230 rank in nimcet 2014... so can you please guide which nit is best... pallavi sharma on 17/06/2014 734 SA
Admission hello sir, I am Srishti Aneja, a student of KSSE-WE batch( registeration no. 112). i belo... srishti aneja on 16/06/2014 754 SA
Admission Sir, I've secured the ranks, 128 in IP and 197 in NIMCET. Could help me decide which univ... Abhimanyu Datta on 16/06/2014 800 SA
Admission Respected sir, My Pondicherry University M.Sc computer science rank is 183. Is there any ... Subhadip Mukherjee on 16/06/2014 861 SA
Admission sir , my ip rank is 10782  outside delhi general category and defence quota  can... sonia hooda on 15/06/2014 919 SA
Counselling sir my rank is 55 in mca ipu .i am a girl residing in dwarka .i am confused between USIT o... Anjali Sangwan on 29/05/2014 1000 SA
Admission hello sir,I wanted to know that out of USIT , IGIT and bharti vidyapeeth which is the best... Richa Chhabra on 29/05/2014 942 SA
Admission Hello SirMy IPU rank is 323 outside delhi(General category). Which college under IPU can i... raj barnwal on 28/05/2014 769 SA
Admission Sir I got 249 in i.p.delhi region general , 98.55 in maharastra, which one should I choose... akshay gupta on 28/05/2014 723 SA
Counselling sir my rank is 277 outside delhi.. In ipu.. Can I get the admission in the top 4-5 co... Raj Pal on 28/05/2014 776 SA
Counselling sir kindly give me the list of ip colleges priority wise. Shweta Singh on 28/05/2014 815 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, which is best among nit's nd hcu??? Which is appropriate for me??? Please suggest m... deepak singh on 27/05/2014 726 SA
Admission Good afternoon sir... I have got 865 rank in ipucet.... What are my best college options??... Garima Goyal on 27/05/2014 735 SA
Counselling Sir I have got got 98.42 percentile in mahcet, 162 rank in IPU, 180 rank in Kiit , I am fr... Kishan Singh on 27/05/2014 735 SA
Counselling sir i m rohit i want to know that have given nimcet mca cet 2014 and till how much rank i... rohit negi on 27/05/2014 716 SA
Admission Sir, I am student of sanmacs. I got 370 rank in IP. So will I get a good college? And what... abhilash mukherjee on 27/05/2014 684 SA
Counselling Respected Sir, I got selected for HCU MCA.Its fee payment is on June... ravi mangipudi on 26/05/2014 863 SA
Admission Hello sir i have scored 632 rank in ggsipu cet exam i am general category and from outside... Savita Shiva on 19/05/2014 770 SA
Counselling Sir my ip rank is 111. Can i get into usit? Preksha Punwani on 19/05/2014 814 SA
Admission sir i got 99.43 percentile in DTE MAH , doing MCA from DTE college is gud option , Shirish Jha on 19/05/2014 900 SA
Admission sir,my rank in ipu cet for mca is 339.i am from general category and outside delhi. i want... shakti suwan on 15/05/2014 725 SA
Admission sir mai raue -2014 ka student hu aur i want to know can i get admission in jiims rohini.i ... Ankur Kansal on 15/05/2014 905 SA
Admission Respected Sir I have got 59th rank in IPU CET 2014. Which colleges should I opt for th... Abhishek Kumar on 09/05/2014 787 SA
Counselling I M SO CONFUSED PLEASE GUIDE ME..!!!!! DEAR SIR..MY RANK IS 1970(MCA) IN IPU 2014.CAN I G... gurdip singh on 09/05/2014 798 SA
Counselling Sir i got 580 rank in IP CET MCA ... I belong to ST category. Can I get USIT? Plz suggest ... Sumit Sah on 08/05/2014 737 SA
Admission Sir, what should be the order of preference of colleges under GGSIPU? Richa Chhabra on 08/05/2014 743 SA
Others Which college is best in IPU for MCA,placement ise and study wise? I am confused between U... Nitisha nitisha on 07/05/2014 1103 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir, Please let  me know with a ranking of 693, which college should i opt for MCA ad... arvind sethi on 07/05/2014 692 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir i hav got 590 rank in ip mca cet category general...i want to know can i gat admission... anjali bhardwaj on 06/05/2014 697 SA
Admission Hello Sir, I am Ujjwal Wahi student of sanmacs rohini center, reg. no. R179. My IP CET ran... Ujjwal Wahi on 05/05/2014 849 SA
Counselling Dear sir , my ipu 2014 mca entrance exam rank is 3794. sir my question is admission is pos... Pradeep Shree on 03/05/2014 654 SA
Counselling I got 249 rank in ip university.. Which college can I get or I choose placement wise Anand Jaisingh on 02/05/2014 690 SA
Counselling sir, i have got 143 rank in ip cet. what are the good colleges that i can get ? Anand Jaisingh on 01/05/2014 868 SA
Universities Sir I have got admission in IMED Pune affliated to Bharati Vidya Peeth, Pune.If I also get... Aayush Gupta on 27/04/2014 967 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Dear Sir My date of birth is 20/06/1990.Is i am eligible for KIIT Entrance examination ... shrikant pandey on 09/01/2014 1163 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Dear Sir . I am shrikant pandey old student of your Sanmacs Coaching. I want apply for P... shrikant pandey on 22/12/2013 1210 SA
Career Options Hello! Sir, Myself Binod kumar jha,I have done my 10+2 level with PCM 63%..Now,Recently I... Binod Jha on 14/12/2013 787 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Dear Sir, Why did iit close mca from this year. Umesh Mutreja on 11/12/2013 911 SA
Admission hello sir, i want to join sanmacs. The problem is that i am not a delhiite. I am from p... sudhir dutt on 10/12/2013 1004 SA
Eligibility Sir, I have more than 60% in electronics (du).,but i have less marks in my class 12th... ankit on 23/11/2013 1114 SA
Others Is mca is of 3 years now ?  riya aggarwal on 15/11/2013 3070 SA
Placements  क्या मैं प्लेì... खुशबु कुमारी on 09/11/2013 3439 SA
Others sir i want to take the information about iit jam entrance exam like application form date,... shilpa koshta on 06/11/2013 1800 SA
Counselling sir, i have dropped 1 year. does it going to matter during interview time?? saurabh sharma on 06/11/2013 2579 SA
MCA Entrance Training I am student of bsc(cs)Vsem and i want to do mca next year .I have no knowledge for mca en... Divya Dewangan on 06/11/2013 2017 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility iit roorkee......i am the student of 3rd i eligible for this institution rajan on 05/11/2013 1899 SA
SANMACS sir..,i'm the student of BCA last year and my previous 2 year aggregate per are 78% and i'... Dinesh Agarwal on 05/11/2013 1388 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, Mai SANMACS ka student hu Or Mai JNU/BHU se MCA KARNA chahta hu. Mai ye janna chahta ... samir kumar on 05/11/2013 1713 SA
Universities how  many central university  ...........which is offer  mca dhirendra on 04/11/2013 1522 SA
New Batches sir i want to join sanmacs for iit jam and jnu 2013 when will strt nov batches ? mahi gupta on 04/11/2013 1350 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir,     I don't live in Delhi, So is it possible to get proper coachi... Sham on 03/11/2013 1368 SA
Newsletter Sir i have heard that MCA is going to two year from session 2013-14 Sir is that true or no... Shashikant on 02/11/2013 1537 SA
Entrance Examinations how to crack nimcet.give me some trick. RANJAN KUMAR on 01/11/2013 2096 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Dear Sir,             &nb... mallika.s on 31/10/2013 1223 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir I have done economics honours. I want do mca. I have 80+ in maths in 12th. Would there... Amit Kumar on 29/10/2013 941 SA
MCA Entrance Training Dear sirpls tell me that there is any branches of  SANMACS in lucknow.I am frm luckno... Ajeet Dubey on 29/10/2013 1201 SA
Counselling Hello Sir, last year i am a student of Sanmacs KSSE Batch and i take admission in CDAC Noi... Abhishek Singh on 29/10/2012 1195 SA
Eligibility Dear Sir, ? ? ? I have done B.Sc. from M.J.P.Rolhailkhand university, Bareilly.i was hv ... Amar on 28/10/2012 1178 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I have 61% in class XII and have done my graduation from NALANDA OPEN UNIVERSITY, PAT... omnitya jha on 28/10/2012 1214 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir,I am currently pursuing BCA from Rajasthan. Actually am facing a great depre... Mayank on 26/10/2012 983 SA
Admission Sir, i have done BCA but I don't have maths as a subject at 10+2, kindly suggest me the un... Monica Leitanthem on 26/10/2012 1015 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I listen that After entrance exam, intervieu is compulsory for Admission.Am i right l... Ajay Kumar on 26/10/2012 1171 SA
Eligibility Sir, I have more than 75% in BCA.,but i have less marks in my class 12th ( 45%) . Sir ,wil... Manoj on 22/10/2012 1313 SA
Others Sir, i have done BCA but i dont have maths. as subject in 10+2, kindly suggest me the abou... Ashutosh Kumar on 21/10/2012 1061 SA
Eligibility Sir i have 57% marks in 10th level and 60.67% marks in 10+2 level and 70%marks in bca aggr... Shivam on 21/10/2012 1036 SA
Counselling Sir, plz give us the information about the cut off marks of IIT JAM and JNU entrance exam.... Pawan kashyap on 19/10/2012 1235 SA
Eligibility Sir, I has more than 60% marks in 10th and intermediate, but less than 60% agreegate marks... Pawan kashyap on 19/10/2012 932 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility  sir ,        mujhe bca me 59 % marks hai, pr ek additional ... prem kumar on 18/10/2012 1025 SA
Eligibility sir i read with out math in 12 and doing BCA can i take admission in MCA pls suggest any c... vinay kumar on 18/10/2012 1185 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility i am doing  bca from sikkim manipal univeristy distance education. Sir , Am i eligibl... navin on 17/10/2012 921 SA
Entrance Examinations Can do you tell me MCA  entrance Exam Anand kumar Dubey on 16/10/2012 781 SA
Others sir hum distance education se bca kar rahe hai punjab technical university se kya hum nims... deepak kumar on 16/10/2012 847 SA
Admission sir, please tell me the top 5 mca colleges in delhi and which entrance exam i have to clea... jiya sharma on 15/10/2012 1261 SA
Eligibility Respected sir, I am Subhajit Paramanik. I am student of B.Sc.(general) and also study BCA ... Subhajit Paramanik on 15/10/2012 783 SA
Eligibility hello sir, i have 50% in 10+2 and 45% in graduation but i have done BCA in correspondence ... Priyabrata Paramanik on 15/10/2012 870 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Hello Sir, when will be Issue of application forms mca pune university please inform me o... firoj on 15/10/2012 777 SA
Universities sir, I want to know ,which institute has better placement among iit,jnu and pune . does i... ankit on 14/10/2012 1367 SA
Others Sir, I want to do mca course from up government colleges but i don't have up domicile. can... Dipankar on 14/10/2012 839 SA
Eligibility Hello sir, I have 52% in 10+2 level. Am I eligible for NIMCET Entrance test. Want to join ... Priyabrata Paramanik on 13/10/2012 1200 SA
Others sir, i've heard that mca is going to be a 2-year course from year 2013 as approved by aict... sakshi raheja on 13/10/2012 1187 SA
Placements sir i want to know average package and placement percentage of pondichery central univ ..... vikash rahi on 13/10/2012 1194 SA
Eligibility sir ,in 10th standard i have 50%,in 12th i have 50% and in graduation i have 60% is i m el... renuka on 11/10/2012 1110 SA
New Batches when will the new batches be started?? m a physics hons sudent 4m kmc, m i eligible 4 msc... mayank raturi on 11/10/2012 784 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir I am now student of passed  BCA 5th (MDU Rohatak ) semester but our Semester... AJAY KUMAR CHAURASIA on 11/10/2012 1066 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility respected sir i am non maths students(didnt have maths in 10+2) currently am in 3rd year,... Jay Bansal on 10/10/2012 1039 SA
MCA Entrance Training Which subject is most sufficient for crack the MCA Entrance exam 2013/ Ajay kumar on 07/10/2012 972 SA
Others dear sir, is there any previous year question bank of NIMCET , JNU ,BHU etc entrance exam... SUDHIR KUMAR on 07/10/2012 1150 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sirI have scored 57% percent marks in 12th. am i applicable for NIMCET entrance exam or no... subhash prasad on 05/10/2012 1173 SA
Entrance Examinations dear sir i want to join sanmacs and now i am doing b.c.a in 4sem , sir plz tell me how can... deepak on 03/10/2012 831 SA
Eligibility nmste sir               i... p k singh on 03/10/2012 839 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Good morning Sir, I have completed 10+2 with mathematics and this time i am pursuing B.Sc(... Brajbhusan Kumar on 02/10/2012 776 SA
Eligibility sir am looking for admission in IITJAM 2013For MCA , In 12th i have mathematice as a main ... Ashish on 29/09/2012 772 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir is there any way to join test series program for mca..right now i m in bca 5th Prince Verma on 28/09/2012 983 SA
Eligibility Hello sir,My name is Dinesh Agarwal..,I want to ask u that I passed my 12th class from "Bo... DINESH AGARWAL on 28/09/2012 738 SA
Eligibility Sir,I'm in BCA Final Year from MDS(Mahrshi Dayanand University,Ajmer) and there is no Math... DINESH AGARWAL on 28/09/2012 722 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility SIR MAI PTU DEP SE BCA KR RHA 10TH 12th from bseb patna se kiya hai BUT PTU KA STUDY CENT... pintu kumar on 28/09/2012 782 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility    I PASS  CLASS 10 WITH 65%MARKS.  CLASS 12 WITH  52%MARKS ... srikant on 27/09/2012 1005 SA
Eligibility Sir I have Do My 12th With commerce with math (CBSE Board) with 65% And Doing bca with A... Akash on 27/09/2012 747 SA
Jobs Respected Sir, Please tell me what should be standard age criteria to compl... Avinash on 27/09/2012 808 SA
Career Options Dear sirsir main IGNOU se BCA kar rahe hai (6th) sem me hu.main Ranchi university se Matri... suraj prasad on 27/09/2012 782 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Dear sir, I am rakesh, student of sanmacs .I am passed BCA (with math, 3sem- advance calcu... Rakesh on 26/09/2012 1007 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir i am student of bca 3rd year in deepshika collage.sir may mca karna chata hu kaushal kumar gupta on 26/09/2012 715 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications  Good evening sir, this year jam 2013 form price RS 1200 for general candidates,for a... sumit sauravh on 26/09/2012 1024 SA
Others Dear Sir I want to know in IIT-R website, there is an option of starting and... Umesh Mutreja on 25/09/2012 1025 SA
Eligibility sir,    I am a Physics(H) graduate and a MCA aspirant. My score in my graduattio... Himansh on 22/09/2012 989 SA
Others Dear Sir, when we fill the form of any MCA,s university. then we have to also send our sem... Umesh Mutreja on 22/09/2012 904 SA
Eligibility i am ashish,persuing BCA from i eligible for IITJAM and NIMCET for mca. ASHISH on 21/09/2012 854 SA
Placements  sir mera name sushant hai ,sur mai janna chahta hu ki yadi bca k baad agar 2 year k ... sushant bhardwaj on 21/09/2012 1181 SA
Universities mca good college list nilkashi on 21/09/2012 1192 SA
Career Options sir, which is the best institute among pune university,jnu,and iit-r for mca.? nipa ghosh on 20/09/2012 805 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Hello sir , i am hanumat gupta,, iam bca graduate, sir i had maths in 10+2 but in bca i di... hanumat gupta on 20/09/2012 984 SA
Counselling Sir myself premangshu mukherjee.As i was ditach with math for 3 years .How should i prepa... Premangshu Mukherjee on 19/09/2012 774 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir I m currently doing bca from knmiet modinagar 2nd year.when it would b suitable for me... yogesh tripathi on 19/09/2012 1023 SA
Eligibility Respected sir, sir, my query is about the eligibility procedure of I.I.T. roorkee... cu... sarthak on 18/09/2012 1019 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I have passed 12th science and also take admission in BScIT + GNIIT. This graduation ... Nusrat Jahan on 18/09/2012 752 SA
Entrance Examinations hello sir .....i'm vipin soni im a student of bca3rd year(final year) sir how t... vipinsoni on 18/09/2012 753 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir!I had 57 percentage in intermediate from ISC board.currently i'm pursuing bcacan i app... Pradeep Shukla on 17/09/2012 958 SA
Eligibility hello sir , i have done my 12 with pcm trade i am doing bca in pre. ... himanshu pant on 15/09/2012 994 SA
Eligibility Respected Sir, I have done B.Sc. in Computer Application but I do not have Mathematic... saurabh Kumar on 14/09/2012 885 SA
Counselling Sir, I had competed the BCA from MD university . I had given the ip university mca entran... Ankur gupta on 14/09/2012 849 SA
Career Options Sir , if i get chance in both PUNE & IITR for MCA, then which should i prefer more?? Sir i... Kaushik Das on 13/09/2012 892 SA
Eligibility hello sir. i am a student of bca final year and getting mca entrance training i have maths... komal preet on 13/09/2012 1048 SA
Others sir,is there any subjective question in iit jam 2013 parveen on 13/09/2012 721 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected Sir, Please mention the name of the top government MCA institutes... Roshan on 13/09/2012 796 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I'm doing BCA, from panjab technical university. Am I eligible for mca entrance exa... mintu mistry on 13/09/2012 757 SA
New Batches sir 7 sept ke baad bhi naya batch start hoga kya mohd jamshed on 12/09/2012 1000 SA
Career Options Sir, I have 44% in PUC, Is it a good option taking up MCA as i heard every IT company ask ... Raja Tendulkar on 11/09/2012 1012 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility dear sir,    my self shri krishna pandey. i have completed BCA. but my intermed... shri krishna pandey on 11/09/2012 737 SA
Career Options Good evening sir. Im a bca last year student..and i want to go abroad for doing pg equival... GYANENDER SINGH on 10/09/2012 1022 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility respected sir, I had done my bca from punjab technical university (distance mode).I got 65... kim on 10/09/2012 996 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, I am doing bca final year from punjab technical university (distance education ).sir ... kim on 08/09/2012 697 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir what are the physical standards for the iit-jam exam 2013? pawan on 08/09/2012 996 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected Sir,             &n... Hitesh on 06/09/2012 1201 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir,i am the student of sanmacs sir i am doing bca final year and i have math in +2 level ... harsh on 05/09/2012 1069 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Good evening sir, when will be start new regular batch at karolbagh branch satish on 05/09/2012 1111 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, mera 10th me 56% hai,12th me 55.2% (mathe) hai,aur BCA(1st SEM 67% AND 2nd sem 79% h... ARUN KUMAR on 05/09/2012 817 SA
Admission hello sir , sir ip ke clg ki rank wise list kya hogi niharika on 05/09/2012 1026 SA
Career Options I want to do MCA , what is the process What is the qualification BCA is compulsory for M... Narendra on 04/09/2012 732 SA
Entrance Examinations hello I want to know how to prepare for MCA entrance and want a seat in PU CHD. campus..... rohan on 03/09/2012 714 SA
Jobs Sir, i have 75% in 10, 52% in 12th (science) and 8.12 gpa(3rd sem) in BCA until ... Kaushik Das on 03/09/2012 773 SA
Counselling Sir as i dont have maths in 10+2+3 which are the best colleges to choose for mca entrance.... Premangshu Mukherjee on 03/09/2012 741 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Dear Sir,  I am doing BCA from BIT, Mesra(Ranchi).  my 12th marks is 69% and 10t... RAJ BARNWAL on 02/09/2012 1062 SA
Counselling sir, i have secured 67% marks in 10th and unfortunately 47% marks in 12th with mathi... abhishek kumar on 02/09/2012 795 SA
Others dear sir,i am preparimg for mca entrence and i find a lot of difficulty in math bcz i am n... rohit on 01/09/2012 1029 SA
Admission Sir Namaskar.............           &nb... Ajay kumar chaurasia on 31/08/2012 1002 SA
Admission Which subject is mainly more important to cross the mca entrance exam 2013 ? Ajay kumar chaurasia on 31/08/2012 1011 SA
Placements i got 49%in 10th and 56% in 12th.and i am persuing B.Sc.(MATHS).if i choose mca my next ca... Rupali Singh on 23/08/2012 1262 SA
Admission Sir,Will SHARDA UNIVERSITY be good for mca. Md Rizwan Ahmad on 17/08/2012 1504 SA
Placements Sir,  I have 59% marks in 10th, 48 % with grace English marks in 10+2 with ... Afzal on 16/08/2012 1156 SA
Universities Sir, which is better Jamia Hamdard and AMU. Rajat on 16/08/2012 904 SA
Universities  Sir, which is better Jamia hamdard and galgotias(gimt)college. Rajat on 16/08/2012 1132 SA
Placements sir other than iits and various famous colleges in which college the placement is better? ... binayak on 16/08/2012 892 SA
SANMACS namaskar sir, sir aapki vajah se mera selection nit kurukshetra govt funded seat me ho ga... hemant vaidya on 16/08/2012 1247 SA
Admission sir ip is introducing vips and apeejay collg ..could you please tell me where to place the... nandini on 16/08/2012 1089 SA
Eligibility Good Afternoon Sir I was having commerce with math background in my 12th class. And now ... Anamika Chopra on 16/08/2012 1098 SA
Admission respected sir in ip vevekanad institute of professional studies started mca this year....f... Aditya Mishra on 15/08/2012 823 SA
Others Good Evening Sir I want to know when will you start two years batch for MCA entrance 2... Anamika Chopra on 15/08/2012 767 SA
Career Options Gud afternoon sir, sir i want to know which one is better mca from ip or Msc. Form sau ... Vikas on 15/08/2012 1117 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir i m BA(history)i want to take admission in mca .Am i eligible for mca and it is good t... Gaurav on 14/08/2012 1049 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir I have 64% marks in 10th, 49 % marks in 10+2 with math and pursuing bscit from Kuvempu... Sumit on 14/08/2012 771 SA
Career Options Sir i am read in raja bhoj mukta univercity can I join Mca Training. Pavan on 13/08/2012 997 SA
Placements hi sir....galgotias(gimt)college kesa h nagender kumar on 12/08/2012 1071 SA
Admission Mdu rohtak affiliated colleges good for mca or not because sir, i got a call for admisson ... Sumit sauravh on 08/08/2012 950 SA
Courses Conducted by SANMACS sir i m from bangalore(bca 3rd year) i want to join ur correspondence course for mca. wh... amit on 08/08/2012 1139 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir, I am currently in my 3rd year of my BCA, and a student of sanmacs(KSSM). I had comput... deepanshu batra on 07/08/2012 1149 SA
MCA Entrance Training Hello Sir, kindly enlighten me that how much should I focus on Mathematics and Reasoning(d... Akash verna on 07/08/2012 1024 SA
Courses Conducted by SANMACS sir i want to go for correspondence course but i dont know the amount and procedure to enr... binayak on 07/08/2012 779 SA
Placements C-DAC or LBSIM,which is better if LBSIM is at less than half time than C-DAC from my home Kapil on 07/08/2012 930 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir i want to join mca enrence training. I want 2 know hav i got late to prepare for iit r... sahil on 06/08/2012 1058 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir persuing bca 6th sem and 10+2( commerce cs) subjct but not maths not optional subject ... pramod sharma on 06/08/2012 1106 SA
Admission hello sir, what should I choose among MCA from DIAS, GGSIPU or MSC Computer science from D... vrinda on 04/08/2012 1251 SA
Admission who is better anna university or pondicherry university please help me....................... akash kumar on 04/08/2012 1067 SA
MCA Entrance Training I want to join for MCA preparation Entrance Test. Ramdeo on 04/08/2012 818 SA
Universities Sir, i have surfed your website for all requirement of different universities and i am app... ASHOK KUMAR on 03/08/2012 768 SA
Counselling Hello SirBLS and HMR institute is better. amit on 03/08/2012 831 SA
MCA Entrance Training Good evening sir, when will be start new regular batch at karolbagh branch Md Irshad Alam on 03/08/2012 826 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, mera graduation (chemistry ) 2013 me complete hoga & mera universi... Abhishek kumar on 03/08/2012 778 SA
Admission SIR, I M A STUDENT OF BSC (H) COMPUTER SCIENCE DU. I GOT 562 RANK IN IP CET. I WANT T... prerna kaushal on 02/08/2012 1187 SA
Admission Hello siri want to ask a question as i am pursuing Chemistry Honors from Delhi University ... raj on 01/08/2012 1171 SA
Universities Sir, Which is better Jamia Hamdard or IPU private colleges. Rajat on 01/08/2012 1169 SA
Career Options sir maine bcom kiya hai aur 10+2 me PCM tha.. kya me MCA course ke liye eligible hu... m... atul on 31/07/2012 830 SA
Counselling sir mera south asia university aur uptu dono mein selection ho gaya hein to mughe kaha add... praveen on 31/07/2012 821 SA
Admission Respected sir,i am student of bca final year, my IP rank is 3090. can i get good college o... nagender kumar on 31/07/2012 1092 SA
Admission Respected sir,i am student of bca final year, my IP rank is 3214 can i get good college of... Md Irshad Alam on 31/07/2012 1060 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir, when will correspondence starting for MCA 2013 ? Shir on 30/07/2012 778 SA
Counselling sir DIAS or BPIBS me se which should i choose ....... santosh kumar on 30/07/2012 846 SA
Admission Respected Sir,I didn't got any seat till spot round in nimcet .I want to know still is the... ABHIJEET on 30/07/2012 818 SA
Placements dear sir, i m R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore student for mca ......sir mera 10th m... palak rawat on 30/07/2012 828 SA
Eligibility Hello Sir, I am Persuing my BCA from ignou. Am I Eliglible for iit's and nit's. Narottam on 30/07/2012 786 SA
Counselling good afternoon sir sir i request u to please send me IP collage list rank wise becaus... vikas on 30/07/2012 934 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, i want to appear in IIT JAM 2013 for MCA. I have completed my BCA from IGNOU. I had (... Chander Prakash on 30/07/2012 1250 SA
Universities Sir, JMI interview mai kis type kai question kiye jate hai. Rajat on 30/07/2012 836 SA
Universities Respected Sir, Which is better JMI or Jamia hamdard. Rajat on 30/07/2012 825 SA
Counselling hello sir, when will JNU counselling be held? vrinda on 30/07/2012 827 SA
Universities Sir, UPTU like JSS, Galgotia Institute of Management and Technology or IPU like Jagan... Rahul on 29/07/2012 904 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, IPU mai best college pane kai liye approximate kitne rank honi chhaiye and appro... Rahul on 29/07/2012 898 SA
Universities Sir, Gurukul Kangri good for mca. Rahul on 29/07/2012 822 SA
Universities Sir, BABASAHEB BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY in Lucknow good for mca. Aryan on 29/07/2012 1005 SA
Counselling respected sir! How is Inst. Of comp. Sc. Of Mumbai education trust(MET)? prem on 29/07/2012 772 SA
Counselling dear sir,I have got admission in cdac noida.Sir I was doing my bca from pu.Results were de... Siddhartha vaidya on 29/07/2012 1223 SA
Admission repected sir is kurushetra university good for mca. how is it regarding placement vivek on 27/07/2012 823 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I am Premangshu Mukherjee.I have passed my in animation without maths in Di... Premansghu on 27/07/2012 1067 SA
Universities Sir, BABASAHEB BHIMRAO AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY kaisi hai. Yash on 27/07/2012 806 SA
Universities Sir, Which is better JMI or AMU. Yash on 27/07/2012 1256 SA
Universities Sir, Which is better Jamia Hamdard or Gurukul Kangri. Yash on 27/07/2012 1088 SA
Admission sir pgcet me kitna rank tak lane me rv college ma addmision ho payega aur uske liye kitna ... akash on 27/07/2012 925 SA
Admission Respected Sir,I have got seat in nit kurukshetra(Self Finance) in spot round of nimcet,is ... ISHU on 27/07/2012 2731 SA
Counselling respected sir ,  does the preference of choices selected by us in nimcet counselling ... piyush on 25/07/2012 1223 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility good morning sir sir if i doing  MCA from open or distance learning program (fro... vikas on 25/07/2012 961 SA
Admission respected sir, is jamia hamdard university good for mca. AMIT KUMAR RAI on 25/07/2012 1173 SA
Placements Hello sir sir l want to know that is it possible after completing Msc.(computer science... Kapil on 24/07/2012 846 SA
Universities Sir, how is mca from IPU?..As per your opinion, what could be the rank of IPU among other ... Ashu on 24/07/2012 1278 SA
Admission Respected sir , which college is better in ip university cdac or bharti vidyapeeth in ter... Vikrant kumar on 24/07/2012 966 SA
Counselling My NIMCET rank is 1485 from open category. I have applied for the final roung of allotment... Sourav Roy on 24/07/2012 1024 SA
Placements sir,what is the placement of manit bhopal parveen on 24/07/2012 1120 SA
Counselling sir ip me 4794 rank aayi hai?2nd counselling me no to aya hai bt uskey agey subject to ava... Guneet on 23/07/2012 944 SA
Universities hi sir, BBTU k under kon sa college best h. expl: kamla nehru institute of technolog... nagender kumar on 22/07/2012 925 SA
Admission Hello Sir,Prince this side.I need your advice,can u please tell me about the placements of... Prince Aggarwal on 22/07/2012 977 SA
Others Respected Sir,'Theory of Equation' is much important topic in various entrances like... Atul Meshram on 22/07/2012 1126 SA
Admission Sir, can you please suggest me which course to prefer- DU mca or DU msc computer science?&... Vibha on 19/07/2012 1179 SA
Universities which is better nit surathkal or jnu?? saurav on 19/07/2012 1006 SA
Admission respected sir, i hv got admission in CDAC Noida, nd also selected for BHU south campus.. ... Vikrant Kumar on 19/07/2012 1221 SA
Placements Sir, what is the avg placement of JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA. Ajeet kimar jha on 11/07/2012 1472 SA
Admission sir i got admission in c-dac noida of ip univ also i got waiting in amu which shud i prefe... vikash on 11/07/2012 1333 SA
Others Respected Sir, I want to prepare for JNU,BHU and HCU mca entrance.Is it poss... Premansghu on 11/07/2012 1235 SA
Admission Hello Sir,     Sir, I'm from KDEC batch. My question is which college ... Prashant Julka on 11/07/2012 1565 SA
Admission Respected Sir, I am in waitlisted candidates of Jamia Millia Islamia University for MCA. a... Nishi on 10/07/2012 1402 SA
Admission Sir, what is your view about Mca in NIT agartala relavant to other NITs? How sound are the... Sourav Roy on 10/07/2012 1239 SA
Admission  respected sir, please tell me which is better B.H.U or H.B.T.I kanpur. sonu on 10/07/2012 1039 SA
Admission sir, i have taken admission in BVP ip university, also i have been selected for JMI (Jamia... ankit sharma on 10/07/2012 1201 SA
Placements respected sir plz tell the package of bhu and hyderabad RAKESH CHAUHAN on 10/07/2012 992 SA
Counselling sir i have done BSc(H) Computer Science from DU..plz suggest me which one is better is bet... ridhi jain on 10/07/2012 960 SA
Universities sir , i have secured 249 marks in bhu bsc maths group entrance test and a general rank 126... aman on 10/07/2012 1000 SA
Admission Sir,could you please say me which is good BIT Allahabad or BIT Noida. Thanks for Your s... Priyanka Kumari on 10/07/2012 978 SA
Counselling Sir, which one is better for MCANIT Jamshedpur/Raipur or IP univ JIMS/LBS ? Sheena on 09/07/2012 1265 SA
Counselling sir,what is the average package of nit jamsedpur? vishal on 09/07/2012 979 SA
Placements Sir, can u tell me the average package of bangalore university and christ university MCA.... ruchi sharma on 09/07/2012 895 SA
Admission respected sir plz tell me which is better  nit durgapur mca or du msc  HARIPAL CHAUHAN on 09/07/2012 1293 SA
Others Sir which is better JNU or HCU. manish agrawal on 09/07/2012 1095 SA
Admission sir, i m student of sanmac i just want to which one is better in terms of faculty, brandin... Satya Prakash Sharma on 09/07/2012 881 SA
Counselling respected sir, today on 9 th july I checked nimcet site for its 4th allotment i was upgrad... vivek srivastav on 09/07/2012 1150 SA
Universities sir i got 11 waiting in amu mca entrance what r the chances fr me i m external and hindu c... vikash on 09/07/2012 789 SA
Admission sir mera pondicherry me 326 (obc) rank hai kya addmission ho jayega ya nahi please help me... akash kumar on 09/07/2012 1062 SA
Admission sir icet me 4439 rank hai kya admission ho gayega aur kaun sa college milega aur admission... akash kumar on 09/07/2012 1102 SA
Admission sir option form for admission in mca prog in Maharashtra starts from tommorw which col shu... ABHISHEK JAIN on 07/07/2012 781 SA
Placements sir! I am to study mca in nit surathkal. There will be 2 years gap between bca(2010 comple... sandy on 07/07/2012 837 SA
Placements sir! I am to study mca in nit surathkal. There will be 2 years gap between bca(2010 comple... sandy on 07/07/2012 943 SA
Counselling Sir, can u tell me the average package of DU MCA....... ?? Gourav Sharma on 07/07/2012 1226 SA
Counselling My rank is 256 DGEN. I have appeared for my final semester exams of BCA from IGNOU.But i ... Priyanka on 07/07/2012 1122 SA
Counselling sir my genral rank is (1419) and obc rank is (514) in uptu. The best goverment and non g... shiv kumar on 07/07/2012 1156 SA
Placements respected sir, thank you for your answer it has given me some confidence now. I want to kn... vivek srivastav on 07/07/2012 1018 SA
Placements after mca in this insitute placement offerd bipin kumar jha on 07/07/2012 1025 SA
Universities Respected sir ,2 days before you answering a query that the top 10 institute for mca. ... Prashant sharma on 07/07/2012 1005 SA
Counselling which one of the following is better bhu mirzapur campus or hcu dinesh paswan on 07/07/2012 1208 SA
Counselling I am BCA 2011 passout, NIMCET general rank is 1529, did't get any college. Sir Letral entr... Rahul kumar on 07/07/2012 1007 SA
Admission Sir, Which one is better MCA from IGIT ,IP or MSc(Informatics) from DU ?? Please suggest Kanika Luthra on 07/07/2012 1045 SA
Others sir,pls tell me where should i preffered mh-cet (96 %le)kiit (1003 rank)rv...banglorepesit... abhishek kumar on 07/07/2012 850 SA
Entrance Examinations hello sir, i hv given exams of my graduation (computer science) and i want 2 prepare for ... Abhinay kumar on 07/07/2012 842 SA
Admission Sir,which one is better nit kurukshetra or thapar university? shreya on 07/07/2012 1389 SA
Admission Sir pondicherry me 326 rank hai aur mai obc me hu kya admission ho jayega Akash on 07/07/2012 836 SA
Universities sir bhu iit(bhu) ho gya h kya? Pushkar Raj on 06/07/2012 1147 SA
Counselling Hello Sir, My NIMCET 2012 AIR(OPEN category) is 1485. Are there nay chances to get any sea... Sourav Roy on 06/07/2012 1015 SA
Admission sir, how is hyderabad university in terms of placements?? vipul maheshwari on 06/07/2012 829 SA
Counselling Sir,I got 866 rank in NIMCET.I m frm open category.I have not got any seat till 3rd counce... Apurvanand Sahay on 06/07/2012 976 SA
Career Options Good evening sir, sir what is the average package in nit kkr? Thank you sir.. Harish Garg on 06/07/2012 907 SA
Counselling Hi,sir i got 508(op) in nimcet and i have not got any college till 3rd counselling,my choi... Mayank1704 on 06/07/2012 1017 SA
Placements sir! i am not a sanmacsian. i hope you will help me. may you please tell me the how much ... sandeep kumar on 06/07/2012 919 SA
Admission Respected sir        i have some problem in my addmessi... JITENDRA KUMAR on 06/07/2012 985 SA
Admission Respected Sir, I have been allotted seat in  MERI College. I also got seat in BIT Jai... Robin Singh on 06/07/2012 862 SA
Counselling respected sir, i m in hcu waiting list at serial no. 20 category general. what are my ch... vivek srivastav on 06/07/2012 798 SA
Career Options sir plz do reply..... MCA from Ip or msc informatics???? which course have a better scope ... Anjali Gosain on 06/07/2012 853 SA
Others Respected Sir, What are best maths books to follow for JNU,BHU,HCU MCA Premansghu on 06/07/2012 944 SA
Eligibility Respected Sir, I didn't had mathematics in my UG am i eligible... Abhinav on 06/07/2012 819 SA
Admission sir best college bangalore me koun sa hai mca ke liye.....aur kmat ke reference koun hai... anup kumar on 05/07/2012 836 SA
Universities Sir,I have got admission in USIT and there are full chances that I might get K.J.Somaiya C... Aditya Aagarwal on 05/07/2012 1077 SA
Counselling Hello Sir, please tell me which one is better, NIT allahbad or University of Hyderabad..?... Jharna Sharma on 05/07/2012 965 SA
Admission Sir, Can you please tell me the top 10 institutes for MCA? Also, i am from Mumbai, so how ... Pratik on 05/07/2012 971 SA
Career Options Which course is better MCA or MSc.IT after BscIT? Pratik on 05/07/2012 1092 SA
Placements sir, BHARTHIAR UNIVERSITY KA PLACEMENT KAISA HAI. PLZ HELP ME swetaBharty on 05/07/2012 839 SA
Eligibility sir, mai B.A ka student hu MCA karna chata hu. mera 10+2 mai I.Sc(Math) hai.kon-kon se ... RaviRAJ on 05/07/2012 759 SA
New Batches good after noon sir,me bhawna from jims,vk ipu,,hv attended ur guest lecture in my clg onl... Bhawna on 05/07/2012 862 SA
Career Options Hello sir, I got rank 2 in South Asian University.please tell me the future scope in S... Ajeet kimar jha on 05/07/2012 764 SA
Admission Respected sir, I got admission in rukmani devi college of i.p university and my CET rank w... priti chauhan on 05/07/2012 793 SA
Eligibility sir i had 58% marks in 10+2(with maths) and had done mca from ipu.can i go for iit-roorkee... Dhruv chopra on 05/07/2012 722 SA
Admission sir, i am interested in doing MCA, i was just wondering whether or not this preparation wi... deepanshu on 04/07/2012 720 SA
Admission Respected Sir, i have got 3800 rank in UPTU n i want to take admission in NOIDA or GHAZIAB... ROHIT KUMAR SINGH on 04/07/2012 736 SA
Admission sir pondicherry me 326 rank hai aur mai obc me hu kya addmission ho jayega yanahi please h... akash kumar on 04/07/2012 924 SA
Placements Sir, what is the placement of manit bhopal? Is there hostel facility for mca candidates? ... parveen on 04/07/2012 1176 SA
Counselling Respected sir, i got 950 rank in nimcet open category. Till 3rd round of counselling i hav... piyush on 04/07/2012 812 SA
Counselling Sir,how is cdac noida in terms of quality of faculty and education if compared with bvp? Siddharth vaidya on 04/07/2012 886 SA
Admission Good Morning sir, I have got 810 rank in Pondicherry university. Is there any chance for a... DEEPAK KUMAR on 04/07/2012 714 SA
Placements gud mrning rspctd sr, after that i want ur suggestion sir plz guide me to choose the colle... NOUSHEEN on 04/07/2012 755 SA
Admission sir i am rakesh roshan..sir mai mca me addimission lena chahata hu, but sir i have one pro... rakesh roshan on 04/07/2012 814 SA
Admission sir pls suggest me which is better for me MCA from MDU OR MSC(COMPUTER SICENCE) FROM ... SUMIT KUMAR on 04/07/2012 825 SA
Admission Sir, i have taken admission at bit noida , but now im getting admission in thapar univer... warisht on 03/07/2012 1053 SA
Placements sir i got 14 rank in GBPUAT ... i want to know the placement statistics of COT pantnagar .... Sumit Rana on 01/07/2012 1096 SA
Counselling Respected Sir, i wanted to ask which is better NIT allahabad or DU MCA Akanksha on 01/07/2012 1436 SA
Admission Good afternoon sir, will you schedule any class regarding MCA interview for those students... stuti sharma on 01/07/2012 999 SA
Admission hello sir,i had given entrance exam for bca of bharti vidyapeeth,paschim vihar .i got 91 m... Riya Arora on 01/07/2012 1100 SA
Others sir i got 78 rank in ojee nd 944 in kittee,also i selected for mit pune then which college... raj on 30/06/2012 1096 SA
Admission Sir..I got seat in nit kkr..n now got 10th rank in panjab university .....both places r ne... amit on 30/06/2012 1174 SA
Counselling sir i got admission in usit in ip also i got seat allotment in nit kkr so i m confused fo... ritika on 20/06/2012 1823 SA
Universities RESPECTED SIR, plz guide  me for  colleges in delhi or n.c.r ....without entranc... AKHIL on 20/06/2012 1408 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications when did the bhu mca 2012 result will be decalared dinesh on 20/06/2012 1238 SA
Admission sir, gud morning. mera cusat me 332 rank aaya hai, kya mujhe 2nd cumpus mil payega. plz he... ravi kumar on 20/06/2012 973 SA
Counselling Respected Sir, I Have got 580 Ranking in Vit University,Chennai Campus am i Eligible in Vi... Prashant Singh on 20/06/2012 1022 SA
Placements Respected Sir,   What is the Placement of Vit University,Chennai Campus...... prashant singh on 20/06/2012 1222 SA
Counselling Respected Sir, I Have Got 580 Ranking in Vit University,Chennai Campus is there is any cha... prashant singh on 20/06/2012 869 SA
Placements respected sir, please tell me about the diff between vit vellore and top 3 nits (wara... sahil jindal on 20/06/2012 951 SA
Admission respected sir,,,i got 86 rank in gbpu,,,,,,,,,but in gbpu there is only 48 seats for mca,,... rahul jugran on 20/06/2012 905 SA
Counselling sir, how is IITM (ip university)? Ashima Khurana on 20/06/2012 1265 SA
Admission Sir, I am MCA aspirants i want to clear my doubt till how much General Rank its possible t... Shibom on 20/06/2012 1226 SA
Admission sir, i got MNNIT allahabad in NIT counsellin... and i already reserved my seat in ipu USI... Mayank Mittal on 19/06/2012 1116 SA
Admission sir in first round of allotment i got nit durgapua..... I want to know..... If i will fill... rakesh kumar on 19/06/2012 925 SA
Admission Resp. Sir, mera jamia hamdard me 23 waiting mila hai. ! Admission ka chance hai kya? A... Ravi kumar Chandravanshi on 19/06/2012 894 SA
Counselling sir my category rank is 197 i got jamshedpur in 1st round... What should i do now....? Pl... ajeet kumar on 19/06/2012 907 SA
Entrance Examinations Hon'b sir i know the du exam is so tougf , As i am a medium level student so how much ques... Sumit on 19/06/2012 1113 SA
Universities resp sir. maharshi dayanand uni. kaise hai???? jyoti on 18/06/2012 1037 SA
Counselling Respected Sir I got 126 rank in cochi 777 in nit and 92 in pondichery plz sir tell me whic... SANDEEP KHOKHAR on 18/06/2012 1319 SA
Counselling Sir,my my Nimcet rank is 1430 in open category.Is there any chance of getting NITs. ABHIJEET PRAKASH on 18/06/2012 1225 SA
Counselling Sir, I hav got AIR 1007 rank in open category, do I have any chance in nit in 1st,2nd,3rd ... sheena on 18/06/2012 1243 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir i m your student of your coaching of rohini . sir main Bsc math kar raha hun mujhe co... depak kumar on 18/06/2012 879 SA
Counselling respected sir, i got 80 rank in open general category in pondicherry university sir mera a... RAHUL RAJ on 18/06/2012 1117 SA
Admission sir   Is there any good institute in Karnataka PGCET  TO GET  ADMISSIO... manoj on 18/06/2012 843 SA
Counselling respected sir, my nit rank is 2406 and obc rank is 628 which nits may i get? ritesh kumar on 18/06/2012 1008 SA
Counselling respected sir i got 690 rank in pondicherry there any chance to get a... manoj on 18/06/2012 824 SA
Counselling respected sir, my nimcet rank is 146 in open and my oder of preference is warngl, suratkl,... vivek srivastav on 18/06/2012 906 SA
Admission sir, I m an aspirant of iit-jam ca ...I would like to know  last year OBC cut off?? r... preeti on 18/06/2012 889 SA
Universities  respected sir,           i was a studen... vikash kumar on 18/06/2012 835 SA
Counselling i got 40 rank in pune university.....i m frm U.P. kya mai councelling ke liye elligible h... shivam on 18/06/2012 844 SA
Admission Sir, Which, in your opinion, would be better for MCA: NIT BHOPAL,DU,BIT Mesra? Can u rank... Aakansha on 18/06/2012 947 SA
Admission sir pondicherry me 326 rank hai aur mai obc me hu kya admission hone ka chance hai.please ... akash kumar on 18/06/2012 785 SA
Counselling sir i have air839 in nimcet and my catagory rank is 197...... What are my chances? ajeet kumar on 18/06/2012 862 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, i am doing BCA from Sikkim manipal university,DE course. I want to do MCA from regul... praveen kumar on 18/06/2012 816 SA
Admission sir , I am not a student of sanmacs....\i am from chandigarh.i got 69 rank in vit.and 66 a... nikhil on 17/06/2012 833 SA
Counselling sir i have air839 and obc catogory rank is 197 ...... Sir will i get any nit in 1st counse... ajeet kumar on 17/06/2012 847 SA
Placements Sir i m odgen nd i have got bhai parmanand in ipu.. Sir mujhe janana h kya yeh colege acha... Ronak garg on 17/06/2012 1071 SA
Admission sir,my nimcet rank is 2465 and i am in obc category. is there any chance to geting any nit... RANJAN KUMAR GUPTA on 17/06/2012 1070 SA
Universities SIR,please tell me the best university/institute in india for MCA & how should i do my... prikshitbhardwaj on 17/06/2012 877 SA
Counselling SIR,i have got around 4000 rank in my mca entrance in IP university .so please could u tel... prikshit on 17/06/2012 939 SA
Counselling sir,i got 906 rank in gen. and 214 in obc category in nit plz.tell me choices of nits manisha on 17/06/2012 854 SA
Admission Hello Sir, I am not from Sanmacs, But i will be very thankful, kindly let me know the few ... Pankaj Verma on 17/06/2012 1005 SA
Admission Dear sir I got 236 Rank(GEN) in Pondicherry University, but am unable to produce provision... Abhishek Kumar Dubey on 17/06/2012 784 SA
Others sir I am a sanmacs student,and i want to know that what is the mathematics syllabus for de... ASHISH VATS on 17/06/2012 734 SA
Admission Sir,i hav got 550 rank in ip and i have got admission in lbs of ip.i hav got 69 rank in n... KANIKA on 17/06/2012 904 SA
Admission Respected Sir, I got Bhai Parmanand institute of IP university with 812 Delhi Gen Category... Mohit Anand on 17/06/2012 1163 SA
Admission Sir, we all know that BITS(Mesra) is a very good college, but sir i want to know about BIT... Kashish on 17/06/2012 1019 SA
Counselling sir among JSS noida galgotiya ajay garg Feeroz Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technol... kanchan gupta on 17/06/2012 783 SA
Counselling sir i have got 304 general rank in pondicherry is there any chance to get admission??? kanchan gupta on 17/06/2012 733 SA
Counselling sir i have got 304 general rank in pondicherry is there any chance to get admission??? kanchan gupta on 17/06/2012 939 SA
Counselling Hello sir,I have completed my BCA in 2009 n wants to do MCA next year thats 2013 so my que... sujeet kumar gorai on 17/06/2012 923 SA
Admission Sir muje ip counselling me banarsidas chandiwala institute of information tech. Mila hai..... Mihir kumar on 17/06/2012 774 SA
Counselling respect sir,, i got 88 rank in SC category in NIMCET 2012.....and i want to about the chan... Vishal mohan on 17/06/2012 745 SA
Admission sir, i have taken admission into C-DAC of ip...i have got 28 rank in vit vellore and have ... Duke on 17/06/2012 870 SA
Counselling My rank in ip is 1200 whereas in gb pant is 5,which one should I prefer? DEEPIKA RANA on 17/06/2012 1020 SA
Counselling sir i got 508 in nit and 643 in ip , so if i get nit kurushtra ,then shuld i choose it or ... Mayank on 16/06/2012 1255 SA
Counselling sir my nimcet rank is 1285 and i am in general category .do i have the chance of getting a... KUNDAN KUMAR on 16/06/2012 1340 SA
Admission sir, i have got admission in igit of i.p. university. i have also got selected in south a... saumya on 16/06/2012 1261 SA
Admission respected sir ,i got 950 (general) rank in uptu , 490(oms) in maharastra , and  8(gen... rahul on 16/06/2012 1131 SA
Admission Respectd sir, i am sanmacs student, sir i want to know that Pondicherry university me admi... Manish Kumar on 14/06/2012 1156 SA
Counselling sir,pls tell me the priority of nimcet college selection for choice filling. DHANESHWAR on 14/06/2012 1336 SA
Admission Sir I got 194 rank in Puduchary university and 95 in VIT vellore. Where should I take admi... Kailash Chandra Sanwal on 14/06/2012 1052 SA
Universities respected sir, is hcu better than nits and my nimcet rank is 146 in open which nit may i g... vivek srivastav on 14/06/2012 1032 SA
Entrance Examinations sir,i have 77% in graduation.for a general category student how many questioon to do to ge... prabhat on 14/06/2012 1131 SA
Universities Sir, please tell me names of some good college in Bangalore. Deepak on 14/06/2012 1073 SA
Others hello sir........when come the result of JNU nd HU nd GKV plz tell me nitin kumar on 14/06/2012 1148 SA
Counselling sir i've air197 in nimcet under obc catagory... also air 39 in cusat and just got my name ... ajeet kumar on 14/06/2012 1149 SA
Universities sir mera vit  ka result show nahi kar raha hai mera 12th me 60% nahi tha ab mai kya k... nitesh on 14/06/2012 918 SA
Counselling hi sir, my VIT rank is 128. Is there any chances of my admission? Can u please tell me how... Surabhi Goyal on 14/06/2012 976 SA
Admission sir, i got good rank in vit.can u tell me about vit university,about average pacage etc... sahil jindal on 14/06/2012 1076 SA
Admission sir will you plz tell me the previous year cut off ranks in nimcet. sumit on 13/06/2012 864 SA
Admission sir i got 149 rank in nit under obc catogary which nit can i get sumit on 13/06/2012 854 SA
Admission sir, which is better between manit bhopal and nit kurukshetra? And what about the placemen... parveen on 13/06/2012 1632 SA
Admission sir my nimcet rank is 936 general category can i get admission in any of the nits. Brijesh on 13/06/2012 1071 SA
Counselling Sir,I got 235 rank in MCA NIMCET-2012.I want to know should i opt nit kkr or nit bhopal?Wh... anjali sharma on 13/06/2012 1130 SA
Admission sir, i have secured 7 rank in mha mca cet in oms qouta n got 369 rank in NIT which college... ABHISHEK JAIN on 13/06/2012 875 SA
Universities sr ymca univ. sci. & tech. kaisi h for mca niharika on 13/06/2012 829 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir, how much time is required to prepration for iit? And hw much for others like nit ip... sahil jindal on 13/06/2012 1207 SA
Admission I request you to please advice me which one is better considering all the factors such as ... jagriti on 13/06/2012 806 SA
Universities Respected Sir, i want to know which one is better among Delhi University MCA and Hyderabad... rohit on 13/06/2012 819 SA
Admission  sir ..i got 278 rank in nimcet open category... konsi nit choose karni chahiye muje.... amit on 13/06/2012 828 SA
Counselling Dear sir, My AIR is 108 (gen) in nimcet2012. there are 112 seats within top 3 nit c... sandeep kumar on 13/06/2012 854 SA
Placements sir pl tell me what is the average package of hyderabad central university and jnu.. SAMARTH on 13/06/2012 865 SA
Admission Sir, I am getting BIT MESRA and Pondicherry University.Annual fees of MESRA-2 lakhAnnual f... Rachna on 13/06/2012 880 SA
Others sir, i m not a student of sanmacs but i would be thankful if i get a suggestion from u....... anchal on 13/06/2012 993 SA
Admission sir please tell me about vit university in the terms of placement n overall how it is? sahil jindal on 13/06/2012 1014 SA
Admission Respected Sir,Which is good in terms of placements Banasthali Vidyapith or IP university. ... mahima on 13/06/2012 1368 SA
Admission sir kurukshetra university kesi he? Amit pandey on 12/06/2012 1040 SA
Counselling sir,i got 41 rank in there any chances to get first campus of CUSAT?CUSAT is good... Ranjeet on 12/06/2012 893 SA
Admission Sir, I m final Year BCA student based in Bangalore, I cant join full time as i have to att... Sheru on 12/06/2012 848 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir can i get admission in any nit college at nimcet rank1400. BISHNU NARAYAN SABUT on 12/06/2012 1122 SA
Admission sir,my all india rank in nimcet is 2400 in and i am obc category plz suggest me is there ... upendar singh on 12/06/2012 1069 SA
Admission sir in nimcet my rank is 3553 and sc rank is 174 sir koi chance he admission ka? parag on 12/06/2012 1280 SA
Counselling hi sir, my DA-IICT rank is 121 and wait-listed rank is 31. Is there any chances of my admi... Surabhi Goyal on 12/06/2012 942 SA
Admission How is the placement of jnu and du and which is brtter for mca between du jnu and nit tric... sanju on 12/06/2012 1156 SA
Counselling Good evening sir, I have got 1017 rank in IPU. I belogs to outside delhi region, should i ... Abhishek on 12/06/2012 1089 SA
Counselling sir i have AIR 829 in nimcet and AIR38 in cusat.... what should i do....? will u please he... ajeet kumar on 12/06/2012 850 SA
MCA Entrance Training Good evening sir,I am a student of BCA final year .I had given NIMCET for first time and i... Shailesh Bohra on 12/06/2012 898 SA
Counselling Sir, I got 891 rank in Ip & 968 rank in Uptu. Which would be best to me. Is Ip's councelli... Anuj Mittal on 12/06/2012 1206 SA
Counselling sir,i am from ksse obc rank in nimcet is 199.which nit i should choose? vishal on 12/06/2012 958 SA
Admission good afternoon sir... i got 341 rank under OBC category.. kya mere ko koi NIT mil sakta ha... Ganesh Chandola on 12/06/2012 872 SA
Activities of SANMACS Respected sir is expert panel is closed ..... Amit on 12/06/2012 928 SA
Admission hello sir, I got 323 rank in NIMCET-2012 ubder OBC category(1407 general category rank)...... Jeet on 12/06/2012 1213 SA
Counselling i got 97.54 percentile in mahacet.kya mujhe sinhgad technical education in vadgoan and dr ... priya on 12/06/2012 774 SA
Admission sir, i got 1613 rank in ip... which college would u prefer for me...kindly list me out 5-6... himan on 11/06/2012 827 SA
Counselling Respected sir, i m not an student of sanmacs, hope u will answer for my query sir i hv ... manish singh on 11/06/2012 762 SA
Counselling Sir between jnu nit tricy and du which is better sanju on 11/06/2012 934 SA
MCA Entrance Training respected, sir i want to do mca but my 10th is 54.0% and 12th(mathmetics) 55.0%, graduatio... ramsajiley maurya on 11/06/2012 948 SA
Others respected sir,,,,,,maire category general hai,,,,,,,,mujhe pantnagar university mai addmis... rahul jugran on 11/06/2012 724 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications respected sir,,,,, in previous year(2011),,,,what was the cutt off of MCA entrance ex... rahul jugran on 11/06/2012 1015 SA
Counselling sir, i got 146 rank in nimcet in op and 25 in ip outside delhi which one should i prefer n... vivek srivastav on 05/06/2012 1714 SA
Counselling sir good evening I am student of karol rank in ip 950 ha general category ma but ... HARVINDER ARORA on 05/06/2012 1665 SA
Entrance Examinations Hello Sir, I have got AIR 42 in NIMCET which NIT should I go for?? Plus which N... Gaurav Sharma on 05/06/2012 1555 SA
Others respected sir ,,, i wanted 2ask wen vl u b providing us with mca du mocks?? n pls can u pr... Ashima Khurana on 05/06/2012 1011 SA
Entrance Examinations respected sir,on 24'th june DU exam will be can i prepare for this xam.?which par... brij bhushan pandey on 05/06/2012 1173 SA
Counselling respected sir, i got 351 rank in ip university. and i'm outside delhi can i get govt. ... mradul gupta on 03/06/2012 1198 SA
Counselling Respected sir, please give me sugessions... but i am not a sunmacs student.sir, i got 46.2... PRADEEP KUMAR on 03/06/2012 1277 SA
Admission Sir please answer i have 889 rank in ip and 230 rank in cusat ...sir any chances of gettin... Mihir on 03/06/2012 1195 SA
Admission sir, sorry I forgot to ask earlier.... I have secured 110 rank in CUSAT and 129 in BITS.. ... stuti sharma on 03/06/2012 1182 SA
Counselling sir in ip, which one should I choose, USIT or IGIT? Lavanyaa on 03/06/2012 1368 SA
Counselling sir, i m not a student of sanmacs but i would be thankful if i get a suggestion from u... Vishal Kumar on 03/06/2012 949 SA
Counselling sir, I have secured 129 rank in BIT, can you please suggest me the branch which I s... stuti sharma on 03/06/2012 1091 SA
Admission respected sir,i am getting admission in sri guru ram rai institue of technology and scienc... ashima on 03/06/2012 839 SA
Counselling sir, i m not a student of sanmacs but i would be thankful ifi get a suggestion from u....i... JOY DUTTA on 02/06/2012 812 SA
Counselling dear sir my rank in mp pre mca is 720. i have any chace of good college in mp i am outside... nityanand jha on 02/06/2012 809 SA
Counselling Sir, I secured 108 rank in ODGEN category in IPU. Which 3-4 colleges should i fill up at t... Ashu on 02/06/2012 1151 SA
Admission respected sir, I hav got 98.98%tile in mah cet.... nd got 780(delhi region) rank ... vishal kumar on 02/06/2012 858 SA
Admission Hi Sir, I have got 315 rank in bits and 852 rank in UPTU. Please suggest which one is bett... Arpit Goel on 02/06/2012 1044 SA
Counselling respected sir, i m from sanmacs only i have got 576 rank (delhi region) in ipu mca wha... nitin mahajan on 02/06/2012 861 SA
Admission Sir i got selected in bharati vidyapeeth pune in the main campus and paid the fees as coun... shilpa on 02/06/2012 1047 SA
Counselling sir i have got 5 th rank in cochin and 115  ipu whirch should i choose Rajender on 02/06/2012 1052 SA
Counselling My rank in the provisional merit list of MAH-MCA-CET is 22. I am an "Outside Maharashtra S... Aditya Aagarwal on 01/06/2012 1011 SA
Others respected sir,i really admire what you are doing for students.Sir, my problem is that i co... Yuvraj Gupta on 01/06/2012 1143 SA
Admission Dear sir my rank is 154(outside delhi region) what are my chances of getting into bharti v... Siddharth vaidya on 01/06/2012 982 SA
Counselling sir i m not sanmacs student.. Sir can you uplaod the list of IP clg for us........sir plea... Ankita on 01/06/2012 1110 SA
MCA Entrance Training which book refers for mca entrance examinations for amravati university neha on 01/06/2012 805 SA
Admission Respected Sir,pls tell some good colleges of ip which provides good placements.. alka on 01/06/2012 915 SA
Counselling Sir, I have got rank 174 in ipu. my counselling is on 12th june.. So, i want to ask that w... Swati Goel on 01/06/2012 878 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected sir... !!!! Sir i am Non-Computer student. I have no knowledge in ....!! Please... BRISH PANDEY on 01/06/2012 744 SA
Universities which is better ip at 1400 rank or ignou mca prashant on 01/06/2012 951 SA
Admission and sir ab tak mere 6th sem ke exam nahi hue h to sir kya ip m admission ho jaega........ nitin aggarwal on 01/06/2012 948 SA
Counselling sir, you are requested to give the names of best colleges under IPU for mca with the rank ... palak on 31/05/2012 1110 SA
Counselling sir, i have got 332 rank in uptu and 37 rank in ipu.i want to know that whether i should t... anika garg on 30/05/2012 814 SA
Counselling sir i got 53 rank in BITS . they just called me for counslling at 13th june.sir mujhe coun... garav on 30/05/2012 776 SA
Others hello sir,can we pls get the banasthali previous yrs question papers in our previlledge ar... Nishu on 30/05/2012 1005 SA
Placements sir ip ka campus selection kaisa h kya sabhi colleges main hota h ya phir pura university ... aditi sinha on 30/05/2012 1003 SA
Admission Sir, I got 135 marks in BHU. Is there chance of getting selected in BHU. What was the last... Rachna on 30/05/2012 841 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications respected sir,,,,,,,,,,,,what is the entrance level of kurukshetra university,,,,,,,,,,,,,... rahul jugran on 30/05/2012 854 SA
Counselling sir kiit me meri 2412 rnk general catgory hai.........kya mujhe admission milega..aur sir ... atul sharma on 30/05/2012 889 SA
Universities Sir, when will you be uploading the rank wise list of IP colleges?? Shilpa Kohli on 30/05/2012 1008 SA
Admission Sir What is the entrance level of Banasthali Vidyapeeth. Is it better then IP? Rishika on 27/05/2012 1409 SA
Admission sair m amity me admission lena chata hu kya vo thik rhega Ravhinder yadav on 27/05/2012 1325 SA
Counselling respected sir,when will counselling of ipu take place and from when normally does academic... Chetan Sharma on 26/05/2012 1269 SA
Admission dear ser, i got 500 rank in uptu. kya achha college milega. sir please tell me ... RANJEET KUMAR SINGH on 26/05/2012 1141 SA
Admission sir i got 265 rank(OBGL) in upsee. Will i get a pvt college? varsha on 26/05/2012 1116 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir haryana OLET forms kab niklege? nilabh on 26/05/2012 880 SA
Entrance Examinations sir,for du mca one must have two papers in mathematical science in graduation.i have discr... amar on 26/05/2012 1023 SA
Admission Respected sir i am selected for madurai kamraj university for interview, sir which type of... Abhishek on 26/05/2012 844 SA
Admission Sir please advise (galgotia collenge of engg) and also (ITS gaziabad college) is good or... aaravraj on 26/05/2012 1043 SA
Admission sir i hv got 163 rank in ipu n i belong to outside delhi category.which is the best colleg... ashish kumar on 26/05/2012 1079 SA
Admission Sir I got 357 Rank In BIT & I got 12 Rank In CUSAT So please suggest me Which is better op... Ashish kumar on 26/05/2012 1051 SA
Admission Sir i got 1541 rank in IP (delhi) and i have been called for BITS counselling(171 in merit... Radhika on 25/05/2012 1059 SA
Admission Sir, is Pondicherry university better in terms of placements or top colleges of ip univers... Lavanyaa on 25/05/2012 1006 SA
Counselling Respeted Sir, The Counselling list of BITS is out...They have called me for Counselling at... Robin Singh on 25/05/2012 906 SA
Admission Sir i m odgen(out side gen) i hav secured 372 rank in ipu i want to know that can i get go... Adaya garg on 25/05/2012 1072 SA
Admission Respected Sir,I secured 108 rank in Outside Delhi General category in IPU. Will i get a go... Ashish Nair on 25/05/2012 881 SA
Admission Sir i got selected in bharati vidyapeeth pune in the main campus and paid the fees as coun... on 25/05/2012 1029 SA
Counselling hello sir, i got 98.18 %ile marks in mah and 199 rank in ipu(outside delhi)... which one ... YUVRAJ SINGH on 25/05/2012 798 SA
Admission Respected sir thz side i m ankit m not a student of sanmac sir my rank is 2536 in ip,any c... Ankit aggarwal on 25/05/2012 1073 SA
Admission sir my rank in IPU MCA entrance is 1235 and rank in SRM chennai is 164,i am confused shall... SHARAD GUPTA on 25/05/2012 1076 SA
Universities Sir, which one is best between NIMCET and IPU. Deepak on 24/05/2012 1051 SA
Admission Dear sir, i got 98.18 per. in MAH-CET , Sir mujhe kyon sa college mil sakta hai, sir i am ... Rahul kumar on 24/05/2012 1048 SA
Admission sir, i've gt 1334 rank in ip. cam i get a good college in ip. Nitin on 24/05/2012 962 SA
Entrance Examinations sir,where will tancet have its test centers and plz provide me some information regarding ... divya rawat on 24/05/2012 736 SA
Admission Sir i have already posted my quetion abt my category bt in that is not clear.. My category... Gaurav mishra on 24/05/2012 748 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir pondicherry uni kaisa h.. And entrance ka level kaisa hota h kis chez par focus krna c... Gita kashyap on 24/05/2012 992 SA
Admission sir, is there some sort of interview for admission in pune university? vipul maheshwari on 24/05/2012 808 SA
Admission sir can u please tell me which college is better thapar university or ip university? i hav... sudeep sharma on 24/05/2012 1223 SA
Counselling Sir, How is JIMS rohini and bhartividyapeeth For MCA??Are they in the top colleges of IP?T... Yatin jain on 24/05/2012 1088 SA
Admission HI SIR, SIR BHU KA RESULT KAB AYEGA OR Counselling Date KAB TAK HOGI............ nagender kumar on 24/05/2012 1016 SA
Admission Sir i m frm outside delhi bt i have a doubt is that in my cet mca result my region is out... Gaurav mishra on 23/05/2012 760 SA
Others Respected sir, I am manish from sanmacs . sir suppose i have taken admission in ipu and ... Manish Kumar on 23/05/2012 823 SA
Admission Sir i have got 871 rank in ipu..i belong to delhi there any chances to get good ... kanika on 23/05/2012 794 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, I have got 4th rank in pune university and in the place of university they have writ... vipul maheshwari on 23/05/2012 1127 SA
Admission sir i have got 370 rank from out side delhi can i get a good college for mca. priya kumari on 23/05/2012 994 SA
Admission Respected sir, I am from sanmacs(ksse), sir i got 366 rank in ipu and completed gradua... Manish Kumar on 23/05/2012 991 SA
Counselling respected sir i have got 157 rank (outside delhi)in ip,but i want to crack thapar,and its ... chetan sharma on 23/05/2012 1035 SA
Universities sir, hw is PES college of bangalore which is thru VTU university,Belgaum as campare to BVP... royy on 23/05/2012 949 SA
Counselling Hello Sir, I am very confused. Sir my IPU rank is 330. and i also got selected for the WIP... Yatin jain on 23/05/2012 1102 SA
Admission Respected Sir ...! " I got 119 Rank In CUSAT their is any chance to get 2nd campus. tell ... SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRA on 23/05/2012 892 SA
Admission respected sir my rank is158 in ip,(outside delhi) can i get into any top college or not? nishant thakur on 23/05/2012 993 SA
Admission resp. sir.. i want to knw abt "panjab univ." chandigarh... abt its placement and educa... jyoti on 23/05/2012 781 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir,please tell me the syllabus of jamia hamdard university. Nikita on 23/05/2012 913 SA
Admission sir i am student of ksse batch,i have got 167 rank in cusat.kya mera admission hone ka cha... prabhat ranjan on 23/05/2012 895 SA
Admission when rank wise list of ipu will be uploaded Sheenam Mahendru on 23/05/2012 798 SA
Entrance Examinations sir what level of questions are asked in south Asian university exam? also are there any m... pooja on 23/05/2012 958 SA
Admission If it is AIR i.e. 734 in ip.then chances exist or not Sheenam Mahendru on 23/05/2012 783 SA
Admission I got 734 rank in ipu, i belong to outside Delhi region. i want to know that is there any ... Sheenam Mahendru on 23/05/2012 793 SA
Admission Respeted Sir,  I have got 834 rank in ip mca, is there any chance of getting any go... Ankit Uniyal on 23/05/2012 771 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i got 1015 rank in ip candidature is outside delhi ..should i go for counselling ... PANKAJ on 23/05/2012 801 SA
Admission Respected sir i have got 60.25 marks in tancet(mca). what is my chance of getting anna uni... SHUBHAM KUMAR PATHAK on 23/05/2012 705 SA
Admission respeted sir, i m frm sanmacs only & i have got 576 rank in ip mca. is there any chnace... nitin mahajan on 23/05/2012 749 SA
Counselling SORRY sir. i posted my last query without my details.. the BVP & LBS query was mine , ... parul on 23/05/2012 759 SA
0 Respected sir!!! Thanks for d response to mah last query.. Sir I checked it on I.P. site... on 23/05/2012 924 SA
Admission sir my ip rank is 1545 will i get admission? nisha on 22/05/2012 819 SA
Admission sir ,mujhe mah-cet mein 68 percentile aaya hai kya mujhe document verification mein jana c... julie on 22/05/2012 771 SA
Universities Dear sir, which university is better according to you, IPU or Pondicherry University. Chander Prakash on 22/05/2012 836 SA
Admission Dear sir, i have got 1801 rank in IPU and i belongs from SC category. Is there any chance ... Chander Prakash on 22/05/2012 977 SA
Admission Sir I got AIR 8 in IP MCA entrance, all thanks to confidence you instill in us. I ... Gaurav Kushwaha on 22/05/2012 1594 SA
Counselling respected sir, I hav got 98.18%tile in mah cet.... nd got 199 rank in ggs ipu.... which 1... rananjay Singh rathore on 22/05/2012 745 SA
Others Dear Sir How i can download mock test paper of jnu and nimcet.Please inform me shrikant on 22/05/2012 728 SA
0 sir, KIIT University Bhubaneswar  Odisha, India my sc 115 rank  kiit kesi hai or... SHEKHAR RAIDAS on 22/05/2012 953 SA
Admission Punjab university better or one of the top colleges of IP University? Kartikaa on 22/05/2012 806 SA
Admission sir which one is better over all.... ip or bits? sir plz give detaild answer because it h... satyam on 22/05/2012 1045 SA
Counselling sir,i got 491 rank and i am from delhi region,,sir will i get any good college or not?? brajesh singh on 22/05/2012 976 SA
Admission Sir, i got 350 rank(outside delhi) in IP. Is there any chances for admission Ankita on 22/05/2012 756 SA
Counselling sir i have got 154 marks in bitmesra. can i get admination in mesra. prakash mishra on 22/05/2012 777 SA
Admission Respected sir... i hav got 322 rank in I.P. university MCA CET 2012. do i hav any chances... PARUL on 22/05/2012 776 SA
Admission sir i got 692 rank in ipu ..delhi region.. sir..where r my chnces to get admsn in govt. o... sanya on 22/05/2012 850 SA
Entrance Examinations sir 230 rank me cusat me admission hoga...thanks sir mihir on 22/05/2012 771 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i have 889 rank in ip ..candidature is from delhi chances of admission in ip... surbhi on 22/05/2012 987 SA
Placements Respected Sir, I would like know "Is all the institutes of BITS are best in term of placem... Robin Singh on 22/05/2012 734 SA
Entrance Examinations hi sir, the entrance test date of DAIICT nd hyderabad central university is clashing, i wa... Surabhi Goyal on 22/05/2012 839 SA
Entrance Examinations sir jamia millia ka syllabus kya h niharika on 22/05/2012 903 SA
Admission Sir I got 706 rank in IP (Outside Delhi), Is there any chance of getting good college, and... Rohit on 21/05/2012 1092 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir I got 15 rank in IP Entrance,and i belong from outside of delhi.What are my chances of... Aditya Aagarwal on 21/05/2012 980 SA
Admission sir my rank in IPU MCA entrance is 473 and marks in Maharashtra CET is 137,my candidature ... Deepak on 21/05/2012 923 SA
Counselling Sir I got 93 rank in IP Entrance,and i belong from outside of delhi. Which college i got i... Raghavendra Pratap Singh on 21/05/2012 758 SA
Admission Respected Sir,            &nbs... Prashant Julka on 21/05/2012 964 SA
Admission Respested Sir,I got 780 Rank (Delhi) in IPU& 98.98 precentile in CET-MAH,where should ... vVishal Kumar on 21/05/2012 884 SA
Admission Hello Sir,sir with the blessings of yours i got 291 rank in IPU ,sir i need to ask you wht... ABHISHEK WADHWA on 21/05/2012 1000 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications I want holl iformation about mca entrence exam. Jeetendra sharma on 21/05/2012 764 SA
Admission sir which is best in ip private colz  and  maharastha  top colz,,,,,,,,,, ... nagendra negi on 21/05/2012 781 SA
Counselling sir i got 280 marks in bits entrance. can i get into mesra or noida campus?what about it... gaurav on 21/05/2012 898 SA
Counselling Sir i got 10 rank in gen in the upsee mca . sir i want to know top govt colleges in upsee Amar on 21/05/2012 724 SA
Admission sir got 183 marks in bit entrance can i get into mesra or noida campus? vishu on 21/05/2012 724 SA
Others Respected Sir mai ye janna chahti hu ki sanmacs ke notes or previo... Aparna on 21/05/2012 682 SA
Entrance Examinations Hello sir, BHU ka admit card abhi tak nhi aaya university me cal bhi nhi mill rahi,mail ki... Manish Bansal on 21/05/2012 746 SA
Placements respected sir, what is the scope of operational research? should we consider it as a... harshita joshi on 21/05/2012 736 SA
Entrance Examinations respected sir, Which exam should we appear for out of banasthali vidyapith/ I.T (D.U)... harshita joshi on 21/05/2012 658 SA
MCA Entrance Training Hello sir i am from sanmacs and i have a little confusion or depress i complete my BCA fro... Vikas on 21/05/2012 656 SA
Jobs sir, i am student of BCA plz tell me about the placement i got 78% in my examination am i ... shaista khan on 21/05/2012 633 SA
Placements sir, what should i do MBA or MCA please tell me and suggest the right way for me shaista khan on 21/05/2012 721 SA
Admission Dear Sir, What is the procedure of admission to Pune university after result is out. Do ... Rinku Sharma on 20/05/2012 638 SA
Others Dear Sir, Following point is mentioned in DU list of documents to be attached with the fo... Rinku Sharma on 20/05/2012 672 SA
Entrance Examinations sir what is the level of jamia hamdard entrance? what is the syabus as no description is ... Radhika on 20/05/2012 665 SA
Others hello sir, i hav appeared for nimcet examination but in our examination room the... soman on 20/05/2012 648 SA
Admission Sir my BITS score is 226. is there any chance for the selection? Aradhana Singh on 20/05/2012 824 SA
Others Dear Sir, I have selected for many universities for MCA as mensioned in your website.... NAVEEN KUMAR on 20/05/2012 844 SA
Admission Hey I got 60 % marks & I got 800 Rank In KIIT .. so tell me sir Who is better option for m... SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRA on 20/05/2012 647 SA
Counselling sir..which clgs of ip r gud...private one rahul on 20/05/2012 647 SA
Counselling sir.. which are the top governmnt clg in ip university.. nd how much rank is required to... rahul on 20/05/2012 642 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, In VIT prospectus, they hav never written dat Maths should be deir @ +2 level, so we... Yagya on 20/05/2012 626 SA
Admission Dear sir, i am not a student of sanmacs. i got 97.86 per. in cet mah. Sir mujhe kyon sa co... Shreya pandey on 20/05/2012 828 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, it is imp. to have Maths in 10+2 for VIT university Vinay Aggarwal on 20/05/2012 850 SA
Admission Sir I am appearing and my final year result will come in august/september. Am i eligible f... Gaurav pandey on 20/05/2012 673 SA
Placements Hello sir ,i am from sanmacs. i want to take admission in manipal university mangalore (in... vivek kumar on 19/05/2012 642 SA
Counselling sir, i got 97 marks and 112 rank in bv there any chance to get admission in main... aaravraj on 19/05/2012 657 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, can a non maths candidate with NIOS score appear for Pune, Tancet, Vit, Nimcet and IC... Chirag on 19/05/2012 804 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected sir , i got 265 rank in BCGL  in the UPSEE 2012 MCA , which college i ... varsha on 19/05/2012 680 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear sir, sir meri category OBC hai,,,,, BHU  me selecet honai k ley kitnai question ... varsha on 19/05/2012 922 SA
Admission sir i have given ipu exam well,hope for good rank,could you provide me good colleges under... JOY DUTTA on 19/05/2012 637 SA
Others thanx sir................. admit card mil gya bhu ka. nagender kumar on 19/05/2012 657 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, can a non maths candidate with NIOS score appear for Pune, Tancet, Vit, Nimcet and IC... Rohit on 19/05/2012 667 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir, i have to take coaching for iit-jam entrance  and i am doing c.s(h) frm del... rohit on 19/05/2012 643 SA
Others gud evening sir, i am preparing for jnu exam bt sir i m confused abt syallabus.. sir sanma... deepanshu kashyap on 19/05/2012 784 SA
Admission Sir,i am an OMS candidate and have scored 99.8%tile in MAH-cet. my total score is 161.... gaurav singh on 18/05/2012 664 SA
Admission Sir,i am an OMS candidate and have scored 98.01 percentile in MAH-cet and my total score i... Anuj on 18/05/2012 824 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear Sir, meri  category general hai JMI MCA exam mai select hone kai liya ... Yash on 18/05/2012 692 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, please tell me about the syllabus/topics to preapre for jamia milia islamia pulkit aggarwal on 18/05/2012 613 SA
Admission sir, how is manipal university, mangalore for mca ?? vivek kumar on 18/05/2012 597 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I am a BCA final year student and I have appeared for IIT-JAM. My target was NIMCET b... Suresh on 18/05/2012 679 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir central university of karnataka ka notification aaya hai new paper me it good f... Sumit on 18/05/2012 612 SA
Counselling sir, I have got 150 rank in university of pune is there any chance of me getting admissio... shivam on 18/05/2012 627 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications SIR, I DID NOT RECEIVED MY MCA ENTRANCE ADMIT CARD OF BHU YET PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO AN... Himani chauhan on 18/05/2012 673 SA
Entrance Examinations pondichery university kaisa hai sir raja ram on 18/05/2012 676 SA
Admission sir i get 584 rank in kiitee. should i get the admission in this or not. i got in 10th 60%... NITIN KUMAR GUPTA on 18/05/2012 660 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, i m getting confused that how to prepare for jnu as it is nearby?everything get mixed... sweta rathore on 18/05/2012 654 SA
Admission sir,i got the 89 percentile in dte.should i go for the counselling?? Nikita on 18/05/2012 743 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear Sir, meri  category general hai JNU exam mai select hone kai liya kitne question... Yash on 18/05/2012 639 SA
Others hi sir, sir, mera abhi tak bhu ka admit card nahi aya,mene bohot bar phone bhi try kiya p... nagender kumar on 18/05/2012 614 SA
Counselling Dear sir, i got 13 rank in pune university.So, i want to know how many seats in pune MCA f... Gourav sharma on 18/05/2012 698 SA
Universities Dear Sir, i did not get my bhu admit card yet, as i just check on net there is a updati... varsha on 18/05/2012 818 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear Sir, I'm really confused whether to appear for JNU or BHU. Please help me decide what... Rinku Sharma on 17/05/2012 694 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir please give ans i am a sanmcasian how is uttarakhand technical university .....thanks ... surbhi on 17/05/2012 641 SA
Counselling SIR , I got 200 rank in gen in the UPSEE 2012 mca . can i get the govt college GHANSYAM on 17/05/2012 646 SA
Admission Respected sir,pune university result has been published according to 26 february exam,and ... JOY DUTTA on 17/05/2012 635 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir uttarakhand technical university kaisa hai ...? surbhi on 17/05/2012 773 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications gud evening sir, sir haryana combined and mumbai icsi ke forms kab tak niklege? DEEPANSHU on 17/05/2012 609 SA
Counselling Dear Sir, I got 28th rank in Pune MCA with 47 marks. Is there any possibility of admission... Rinku Sharma on 17/05/2012 706 SA
Counselling Respected sir , i got 29th rank in OBC & in GEN 80 in the UPSEE 2012 MCA , which college i... RAHUL DHAMA on 17/05/2012 876 SA
Admission sir can u please tell me abot thapar university will i be a good option to do mca from the... pulkit aggarwal on 16/05/2012 711 SA
Counselling Sir please suggest me that should i go for bharati vidyapeeth counselling or I can take ad... Akash Gupta on 16/05/2012 722 SA
Career Options Hello Sir,Sir what is your opinion about "Msc in Cyber Forensics " from Madras University... ABHISHEK WADHWA on 16/05/2012 990 SA
Universities sir i didnot get my BHU admit card till date.. can you tell me what should i do.. should i... Punit Agarwal on 16/05/2012 836 SA
Counselling sir will u recommend to go for bhartiya vidyapeeth university. AND  its ranking compa... somali on 16/05/2012 744 SA
Career Options respected sir, plz tell smthing about bharati vidyapeeth deemed university. is it good or ... sunder yadav on 15/05/2012 955 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected sir kindly update the bhu mock test on sanmacs site. thanks sir iam confused tha... chandrnshu on 14/05/2012 812 SA
Counselling Dear Sir CDEC, USIT,BVP, these are ips good colleges list..can anybody take... Aparna on 05/05/2012 1228 SA
Activities of SANMACS for Entrance of nimcet in which toward subject i should concentration more? PRAKASH KUMAR MISHRA on 05/05/2012 965 SA
Universities HELLO SIR, When will you upload bit mesra mca entrance previous paper? pawan on 05/05/2012 842 SA
Universities resp. sir. IS 'uttrakhand technical university ' among good universities.... ??? and wha... jyoti on 05/05/2012 920 SA
Others resp. sir. ..... which one is better? 'ip' or 'jamia millia islamia' ... and which has a ... jyoti on 05/05/2012 978 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, i want to know that what is cut off marks of tancet MCA Entrance results. becaus... Nitin on 05/05/2012 705 SA
Admission sir, how is amity university for mca and is it aicte approved? rahil das on 05/05/2012 937 SA
Entrance Examinations  Sir please tell me about uni. of madras. in that uni. only those students appear whi... Subhash Rana on 04/05/2012 789 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications SIR SHOULD WE FILL THE FORM OF KMAT ......THANKS SIR SUMAN on 04/05/2012 875 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir, plz give is some details about University of Delhi (Department of Operational Researc... Rinku Sharma on 04/05/2012 697 SA
Universities mca from jnu is better or mca from iit roorkee is better career option for future? HEENA RANA on 04/05/2012 897 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I have confusion over the number of seats available inJNU, some sources say that ther... veer verma on 03/05/2012 826 SA
Activities of SANMACS SIRwhen nimcet exam papars and mock tests available in the download section for sanmacian?... shikha on 03/05/2012 736 SA
Admission sir,i have got 63% in 10th 48% in 12th and 70% in BCA i want to do MCA from NIT so please ... Surojit Ghosh on 02/05/2012 753 SA
Placements Hello sir i want to take admission in vit university sir tell me about vit's placement fo... Chandrashekhr on 02/05/2012 667 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir vit k liy 10th 12th nd graduation m 60%hona chaey kya i m so confused mujhe form bharn... Pooja mishra on 02/05/2012 651 SA
Entrance Examinations hello sir, ....sir mai ip or jnu me jana chahti hu plz aap mujhe inki prepration k liye ad... arzoomor on 02/05/2012 706 SA
Placements Sir plz tell me about the placement of Kurukshettra university campus and YMCA Faridabad ... PARVEEN on 02/05/2012 674 SA
Entrance Examinations SirI would like to know if there are any chances of change of BHU mca's entrance date. And... Veer Verma on 02/05/2012 659 SA
Counselling Most respected sir, i have completed my BCA in the year of 2011. i want to join SANMACS no... PUJA JAISWAL on 02/05/2012 747 SA
Admission hey sir what are ur views about christ university..??? is it good to opt it for mca?? umesh on 02/05/2012 882 SA
Admission Sir, I got in MAH-CET 86%ile  Kuchh Ho sakta H Imamuddin Khan on 01/05/2012 830 SA
Others Sir what is the syllabus of entrance test for mca in CET 2012 in GGSIPU  . what are t... harkirat on 01/05/2012 604 SA
Counselling Sir, I have completed my BCA in the year of 2011. But yet, i couldn't success in MCA entra... PUJA JAISWAL on 01/05/2012 805 SA
Universities Gd evng Sir,I got 98 precentile in MAH CET.I want to know sir which is better for me CET M... VISHAL KUMAr on 01/05/2012 623 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir BIHAR me Lalit Narayan Mishra Institute of Economic Development And Social Change,Patn... mihir on 01/05/2012 795 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Res. sir.. KMAT ka placement keisa hai? nd it is expensive or not..... PARDEEP GAUTAM on 01/05/2012 849 SA
Counselling Respected Sir,I got 75 %tile in Mah-Cet exam.Should I go for concelling or not.Please resp... DIWAKER KUMAR on 01/05/2012 743 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, i have filled up the form of bhu,, but i have lost the challan... please, tell me whe... pankaj saikia on 01/05/2012 846 SA
Others what is basic diff b/w mca and msc in computer science from du sumit kumar on 01/05/2012 715 SA
Others Sir ...til wen ip admit crd vl be received?? Others have alrdy got it i didnt yet.. eva on 30/04/2012 648 SA
Entrance Examinations Respctd sir.. I will b unable to go for counselling of DTE maharashtra in may due to my g... sanya on 30/04/2012 679 SA
Entrance Examinations SIR, Plz upload IP UNIVERSITY MCA question papers for practice.   JITENDRA KUMAR on 30/04/2012 633 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir i have 48 % in 12 th ...70 % in BCA should i fill VIT FORM or my form will be rejected... mihir on 30/04/2012 663 SA
Admission sir, 92 percentile in dte-mahshould i attend the counselling?any chances of getting a good... warisht on 30/04/2012 617 SA
Universities Hello sir,for MCA which university is better University of Hyderabd or BANASTHALI VIDY... ruby kumari on 30/04/2012 649 SA
Counselling sir pl suggest some good colleges in banglore either via karnataka pgcet or kmat. gaurav on 30/04/2012 794 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility  i have 59.88 percentage in my graduaton excuding language. and 59.99 including lagua... Rajender on 30/04/2012 797 SA
Eligibility Hello Sir ... I got 74% MARKS IN 10TH , 70% IN +2 , 70% in BCA ,,, But one problem is that... SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRA on 27/04/2012 647 SA
Counselling Sir, Plz suggest me which campus is better of VIT from Vellore and Chennai Yagya on 27/04/2012 815 SA
Admission Hello Sir Punjab University Chandigard is average or below avg ... placement point of vie... SHIKHA KUMARI on 27/04/2012 771 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, maine 10+2 maths se kiya hai aur graduation me 60% hai...but hyderabad univers... atul sharma on 27/04/2012 716 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility gud evening sir i have  66% marks in 10th , 47%marks in 12th and 75%marks in bca ... mrinal kashyap on 27/04/2012 682 SA
Admission sir hyderabad uni. form me gap karne ka reason puchh raha hai. Kya likhu? 1 year to entran... prem on 27/04/2012 724 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir, mujhe cet mah me 97.38 percentile marks hai.kya mujhe achha college milega??? pl... ROUSHAN KUMAR SINGH on 26/04/2012 724 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir is KMAT 2012 form is out is showing on kmat website pankaj on 26/04/2012 581 SA
Entrance Examinations Which is better to go for from KMAT (for private colleges in Karnataka), MCAAT (Rajasthan ... Mukesh on 26/04/2012 725 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir i want to apply in university of hyderabad but 11th coloum of the form there is a some... Kapil on 26/04/2012 705 SA
Others sir mera privilege nahi chal raha hai please start the privilege email id deepaksingh466@g... DEEPAK SINGH on 26/04/2012 806 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications is admition in mca from Punjab university and kurukshetra university is open??? raman on 26/04/2012 772 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Is Admission for MCA VIT open? not shown in your notification but the website http://www.v... anant on 25/04/2012 710 SA
Eligibility sir, are mathematical subjects like Statistics, Discrete maths, numerical methods, s... Udit on 25/04/2012 863 SA
Entrance Examinations hello sir, ....sir mai ip or jnu me jana chahti hu plz aap mujhe inki prepration k liye&nb... arzoomor on 25/04/2012 761 SA
Counselling sir i got 94.43 percentile in mha butm going for bhu, hderabad nd vit too so wat would u s... umesh on 25/04/2012 722 SA
Entrance Examinations Please Sir help me to get rid of this troublesome situation, I am using your correspondenc... Rajesh on 25/04/2012 653 SA
Admission sir Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies ko aap recommend karenge ...thank sir rohit on 24/04/2012 642 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications gudmrng sir sir i want to know that in nimcet exam computer awareness section contain flo... shikha on 24/04/2012 771 SA
Others Respected Sir jnu or iit m se ap kise j... Amit on 23/04/2012 732 SA
Admission Sir I got 96.35 percentile in MAH-CET. Should I go for it or not? Abhishek on 23/04/2012 717 SA
Entrance Examinations sir what is the IP university exam pattern , we need some question formate. Gaurav on 23/04/2012 680 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir nimcet and tejpur ke liye kiss level ke question puch jata hai ranjeet kumar singh on 23/04/2012 660 SA
Others gud evening sir, please sanmacs ki site par ip university aur jamia milia islamia ke mock ... deepanshu kashyap on 23/04/2012 668 SA
Eligibility Sir, mai ignou se bca kar raha hoon.Mujhe five back paper dena jo june2012 passout ka... Yash on 23/04/2012 713 SA
Admission sir,mujhe mh-cet mein 96 % aaya hai kya mujhe acha college milega. rahul on 23/04/2012 753 SA
Entrance Examinations Hi sir............cochin university ke MCA ENTRANCE me kya-kya syllabus ata h & kitne ... nagender kumarn on 22/04/2012 770 SA
Others Sir main doeacc b level kar chuka hun bt main suru se mca krna chahta ta kya mujhe mca krn... Rahul mehra on 22/04/2012 653 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir hyderabad mca main kis level tak pucha jata h. Anjali sultania on 22/04/2012 737 SA
Admission Hello Sir....Sir how is Gurukula Kangri University ? Ankit Uniyal on 22/04/2012 806 SA
Counselling Sir, I have passed out BCA in the year of 2011. My 10+2 mathematics is a little weak. My a... GAUTAM KUMAR on 22/04/2012 648 SA
Admission sir i m giving my 2nd year bsc exam and want to join sanmacs in weakends bacth when its re... akshay kumar singh on 22/04/2012 620 SA
0 Sir,I have got 63% in 10th,48% in 12th and 70% in BCA can i give jnu and iit jam. reply p... Rajesh Kumar Jha on 22/04/2012 606 SA
Entrance Examinations sir ip university main english ,maths ka kya pattern h riya sharma on 22/04/2012 796 SA
Universities sir i want to know that kiitee university kaisi hai? manav dhiman on 21/04/2012 782 SA
Entrance Examinations AIMCET 2012 MCA..... KA BHI FORM AATA H.... amitdixit on 21/04/2012 822 SA
Others hellosir,......sir mai iitr mai hi jana jata hu...but sir is bar selection nahi huaa.....s... amitdixit on 21/04/2012 863 SA
Admission sir i have got 98.87%ile in mah mca.. mujhe kaun sa college milega shobhakar tiwari on 21/04/2012 874 SA
Placements Sir WB. JECA is good for placement or not. mahesh on 21/04/2012 652 SA
Universities good evening sir tell me about WB. JECA university is good or not for MCA. Mritunjay kumar on 21/04/2012 674 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir, kindly tell me about your correspondence course. Rajesh Jha on 21/04/2012 602 SA
Eligibility Sir,     i m not student of sanmacs but i want to know eligibility of ... Avinash on 21/04/2012 601 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility I have got 63% in 10th,48% in 12th and 70% in BCA which entrance may i give for mca please... Rajesh Kumar Jha on 21/04/2012 608 SA
Admission I have got 143 marks in mah-mca kya mujhe acha colege milega main 2nd div hun.. Agr b... Piyush sharma on 21/04/2012 624 SA
Entrance Examinations Gud aftrnun sir.. I want to knw abt bhu mca.. How it is.. Nd what topics or in which level... Anshu garg on 21/04/2012 624 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir.What about NIMCET problem of having maths in 10+2.Is it resolved or not.I have submitt... Deepika Soni on 20/04/2012 603 SA
Universities sir iam sc candidate, my ques is where i found less competiton bhu or jnu.... sunil kumar on 20/04/2012 653 SA
Universities sir, how is bharati vidhayapeeth deemed university,pune branch for all royy on 20/04/2012 796 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir, I live at calcutta.have any branch of yours in calcutta?..or where will i go for mca ... rajesh jha on 19/04/2012 663 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Gud mrng sir.. Vit vellore mca k liye kaisa h and kya entrance eligiblity thorough(10,12,... Soumya on 19/04/2012 882 SA
Activities of SANMACS Sir ,i am in ksse batch and because of my final year xams , i left most of co-ordinate lec... Ramji Sharma on 19/04/2012 878 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, Does JNU exam has negative markings??  rohit on 19/04/2012 824 SA
Universities sir Banglore ka RV college MCA kaisa hai Mritunjay kumar on 19/04/2012 712 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir,       I want to know that, while downloading the form of Hyd... Satya Prakash Sharma on 19/04/2012 665 SA
Universities Good Evening sir.. I wanted to know whether applying for MCA in AMITY university will be ... Shilpa Kohli on 18/04/2012 701 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications respected sir, sir sanmac ke site pe bhut sare university ka notification nhi dala gya ha... sudhanshu shekhar on 18/04/2012 823 SA
Universities Hello Sir,Sir How is Panjab University in terms of its all india ranking and placements? ABHISHEK on 18/04/2012 821 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, i got 98.18 percentile in CET- MAHARASTRA exam. should i go for counseling. kirti on 18/04/2012 770 SA
Entrance Examinations good evening sir, sir i have 1421 rank in iit-jam, plz tell me..... jnu, bhu m s kis ka em... VARSHA DUHOON on 18/04/2012 744 SA
Universities Sir orissa is good or bad for mca Mritunjay kumar on 18/04/2012 779 SA
Universities sir which is the best between DU & JNU??? is there any own exam counducted by IITR (rathe... shweta yadav on 18/04/2012 994 SA
Others good evening sir, sir is any possiblity to change date of jnu and bhu.this is very complic... sumit kumar on 18/04/2012 851 SA
Universities sir,can u plz tell me about mca in GB pant university,is it good or ok and about its place... DEEPIKA RANA on 17/04/2012 867 SA
Counselling sir,pondicherry and south asian university exams are on the same day,,,which one is better... mohit srivastav on 17/04/2012 790 SA
Admission Hello Sir I got 48 Rank In IIT JAM 2012 ... I belong from OBC but I have OBC CERTIFICATE... SANTOSH KUMAR MEHTA on 17/04/2012 707 SA
Others sir my qualifying exam is bca but my qualifying exam is showing on my admit card is bsc gr... VARSHA DUHOON on 16/04/2012 678 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I join sanmacs through correspondance course. I want to ask u that am i elig... Vikash kumar on 16/04/2012 896 SA
Others sir my qualifying exam is bca but my qualifying exam is showing on my admit card is bsc gr... amit kumar on 16/04/2012 819 SA
Placements sir ...pls tell me banasthli ka placement kesa hai.. julie rajen on 16/04/2012 775 SA
Admission Sir , IIT JAM ka score aur kahin valid hota hai kya. Deeak on 15/04/2012 948 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, what all entrance exams have group theory as part of their syllabus, apart from iit? Lavanya on 15/04/2012 686 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility i have heard that NIMCET-2012 will not entertain non-maths student wl nt consider MATHEMA... yagya on 15/04/2012 866 SA
Career Options sir,i give BCA 2ND YEAR exam . now tell me what should i do1. do regular mca by paas entra... Harsh Sachdev on 15/04/2012 813 SA
Universities sir which is the best IITR,JNU,DU..???? thanku sir ARYAN on 15/04/2012 884 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir thapar university ka fees high hai fir bhi hum use consider kare ...sir ans clear plz ... anujsingh on 15/04/2012 684 SA
Placements sir, banasthli vidyapeeth ka placement kese hai.......... julie rajen on 14/04/2012 862 SA
Admission SIR, I have got 90.8percentile in dte maharastra. should i go for councelling. PRAKASH KUMAR MISHRA on 14/04/2012 879 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir, Does sanmacs train just for the interview?? Parul on 13/04/2012 904 SA
Admission Hello Sir DA-IICT se MSC(IT) krna shi honga ya koi aur college se MCA.......! Thxx U ashaish on 12/04/2012 985 SA
Admission SIR, for MCA which university is better JNU or NIT trichy. HARISH on 12/04/2012 1644 SA
Placements Sir, Hyderabad Central University ka placement MCA ke liye kaisa hai? Aditya Agarwal on 12/04/2012 1658 SA
Admission air,i have secured 96 percentile in mah-cet....please tell me weather i will get top colle... ABHISHEK KUMAR on 11/04/2012 804 SA
Admission sir, mein sc candidate hun , and mein iit - jam Qualified hun...and meri rank 1845 hai...k... ravi kumar on 11/04/2012 759 SA
Admission sir, i got 34 rank in iit..i belong to general category.. do i have chances of getting se... saumya on 11/04/2012 786 SA
Universities sir thapar university complety private h kya. nagender kumar on 10/04/2012 741 SA
Admission hi sir,sir thapar ka online form khul kyo nahi raha h........................kya karu ... nagender kumarn on 10/04/2012 908 SA
Placements Good morning sir, CEG, Anna University me placement percentage kaisa hai? RAJEEV on 10/04/2012 1128 SA
Admission Hey SIr I am samacian I got 48 GEN. RANK in IIT JAM I am belong from OBC ....!!! Kya ... SANTOSH KUMAR MEHTA on 10/04/2012 1018 SA
Placements very good morning sir,sir i want to know,thapar university ka placement kesa h.thapar univ... nagender kumar on 07/04/2012 998 SA
Entrance Examinations sir,can u tell me that when will D.U. forms out? Nitin on 07/04/2012 1055 SA
Admission Sir I don't have maths at +2 level so I cleared math at +2 by nios this year so I eligible... Sandeep Purohit on 07/04/2012 893 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i m doing my BCA from sikkim manipal university in distance.can i appear in all good m... jitendra pathak on 06/04/2012 835 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, It is important to have Maths in 10+2 for VIT University Vinay Aggarwal on 06/04/2012 816 SA
Universities Sir ,plz tell me about that imt ghazibad conduct mca and when mumbai university mca form ... Shalini on 06/04/2012 648 SA
Entrance Examinations sir the exam date of BITS is 19 & 20 may sir i want to know that can we select the date or... KANCHAN GUPTA on 06/04/2012 655 SA
Counselling Sir plz tell me about the other test in maharashtra other than mah mca for mca and can yo... Vikas on 06/04/2012 695 SA
Universities Sir, I am SANMACSIAN , i wana to know about GOA UNIVERSITY m got 98.07 %ti... Kr Aryan on 06/04/2012 1288 SA
Counselling sir    BIT MESRA ke sabhi collage best hai ya keval MESRA . Ajay Kumar Maurya on 06/04/2012 848 SA
Counselling Sir ,plz name the good colleeges under ip and what is the critera of good placement what a... Vikas on 05/04/2012 856 SA
Admission sir i have submitted my nit form.but i have not submitted my 10th,12th marksheets along th... MANISH KUMAR SINGH on 05/04/2012 688 SA
Placements nit allahabad ki placement kaisi hai?  PARVEEN on 05/04/2012 721 SA
Counselling sir , i wnt to kn that good private college's for up sonu on 05/04/2012 650 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, I have applied for BIT mesra, and I will be appearing for my final year graduation e... vipul maheshwari on 05/04/2012 792 SA
Entrance Examinations Being an Arts student, I am not capable to cope up B.Sc. maths, i did my best, worked hard... Madan on 04/04/2012 663 SA
Admission Respected sir, students who have not ever enrolled with any other course of punjab univers... chandan kumar on 04/04/2012 673 SA
Universities Hello sir I m from kue batch n I want to know that there is any state reservation or pu re... sandeep on 04/04/2012 795 SA
Others Sir, which one is good pu chandigarh or thapar as you told aryan that panjab is not good i... Vikas on 04/04/2012 729 SA
SANMACS sir your presence in class is charismatic .after attending your class and interaction wi... aryan on 03/04/2012 623 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility SIR,KYA MAI NIT SE MCA KAR SAKTA HU KYO KI MAI BCA PTUDEP SE KAR RHU HU MERA 4 SEM CHAL RH... hemantkumar on 03/04/2012 601 SA
Universities Sir plz write me about the status of pu chandigarh should we fill the form Vikas on 03/04/2012 595 SA
Admission Hey Sir " PUNJAB UNIVERSITY " me other university walo ke liye Seat Open nhi hai kya ??? ... SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRA on 03/04/2012 762 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir how is panjab university ....should we fill the appl form.... Aryan on 03/04/2012 669 SA
Career Options i am student of mca(2009-12) from affiliated institute of ip university. there is no campu... praveen kumar sharma on 03/04/2012 667 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications respected sanjay sir , i hv completed my graduation frm B.E.(ECE ... arvind yadav on 03/04/2012 885 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir, when punjab chandigarh university form will be issued ? and what about pune universit... Gourav sharma on 02/04/2012 877 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i missed option 13(mark of identification) in ip form, sir form cancel to nhi hoga bhuwan on 01/04/2012 847 SA
Universities hello sir. i am a student of sanmacs.please give me information about the following univer... divya rawat on 01/04/2012 732 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir,Does the problem arises in the case of NIMCET for 12 maths is need not to be same in t... Ankur Verma on 01/04/2012 671 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I have joined your correspondence course specially for NIMCET and i was getting lot f... Jatin on 01/04/2012 702 SA
Eligibility Respect sir, I have passed 12mathematics exam after graduation,60%marks got in both 12 and... Maneeah kumar on 01/04/2012 651 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I talked to NIMCET people about 12th maths condition before applying for....but they ... Robin Singh on 31/03/2012 677 SA
Others Dear Sir mai ye janna chata hu ki in sab colleges m sabse achi placement ki... Rahul on 31/03/2012 682 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, Please help me to confirm whether BCA candidates with more than 60 % but no maths in ... Rakesh on 30/03/2012 663 SA
Admission Hey Sir .. " Bharati Vidyapith " ka counselling 19 may ko pune me honga & mera numcet ka e... SANTOSH KUMAR MISHRA on 30/03/2012 664 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Respecte Sir,NIMCET HAS SUDDENLY UPDATED ON THEIR WEBSITE AFTER ONE MONTH IN THEIR FAQ,THA... Deepak Kumar on 29/03/2012 695 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility respected sir, Is it necessary to have 60% in 12th for nimcet entrance uday verma on 29/03/2012 609 SA
Activities of SANMACS Respected Sir, i am from mathura and affilated to sanmacs through corospondence , sir the... Shikha on 29/03/2012 643 SA
Others  sir,  from where i get the nimcet form monika chauhan on 29/03/2012 819 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i forgot to attach my graduation mark sheet's photocopy with my NIMCET application for... Kanchan Gupta on 29/03/2012 855 SA
Universities Sir I want to know that which one is better in ip and gp pant...???? N what about pla... amit on 29/03/2012 810 SA
0 jamia millia islamiya what this university on 28/03/2012 857 SA
Admission Hello Sir, which one is better Jamia Milia Islamia  or USIT (IP) ? Ankit Uniyal on 28/03/2012 1274 SA
Universities sir, please reply me about mca in tezpur university sumit kumar on 28/03/2012 788 SA
Others Sir, according to you what is the status of pu chandigarh in front of jnu bhu iit du Vikas kumar on 27/03/2012 841 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, in nimcet we are required to submit marksheet of qualifying degree but we are still ... saumya on 25/03/2012 738 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir,      Is there any possibility of changing the BHU MCa entran... Syed Tabrez Ali on 24/03/2012 718 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir, i have got marks in 10th, 12th &grad. 55%,68%.& 64% kuldeep on 24/03/2012 849 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications Sir i want to know how to take admission in haryana mca cource and haryana state conduct ... Hemant kumar on 24/03/2012 805 SA
Others Respected Sir mai ye jaanna chata hu ki sc candidates ko kitne ques... Rahul Kalsan on 24/03/2012 815 SA
MCA Entrance Training Respected sir, I am from shimla and affiliated to sanmacs through correspondence.Sir, the... Chetan Sharma on 24/03/2012 644 SA
Others Dear Sir m ye janna chahta hu ki jab hum kisi university ka entrance clear ... sahil on 24/03/2012 658 SA
Activities of SANMACS Respected Sir, I am student of sanmacs. In kdec batch u are not taking any classes from lo... amit on 23/03/2012 672 SA
Eligibility sir, I am student of B.Sc (Chy. Hons).final year. Can i appear in JAM 2013 For Mca.Which I... Aman Sinha on 23/03/2012 664 SA
Universities Sir, Which one University is good b/w Pondicheery University & Anna University? satish on 22/03/2012 618 SA
Others Dear Sir I want to know after cracking the entrance of MCA in which month cla... Anamika Chopra on 22/03/2012 780 SA
Entrance Examinations it seems to be confirmed that the entrance date of NIMCET and BITS are nearly same... Robin Singh on 21/03/2012 751 SA
Universities Sir, Which one University is good b/w Pondicheery University & South Asian University?... Ajay Kumar Maurya on 20/03/2012 875 SA
Placements sir, plz tel me how is VIT, vellore for m.c.a and what about its placement. Paramjeet singh on 19/03/2012 677 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, as it seems to be confirmed that the BITS and NIMCET dates are nearly same.........S... Robin Singh on 19/03/2012 641 SA
Entrance Examinations SIR,UPTU KA FORM TO MENE BHAR DIYA PAR PAYMENT NAHI HO RAHI  KAI DIN HO GAYE............ nagender kumar on 19/03/2012 664 SA
Universities dear sir , I wanted to know about the placement of  PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY . BHASKER KUMAR on 19/03/2012 798 SA
Admission Sir when Pune university ENTRANCE ExAM result likely to be anounced? Priya tripathi on 16/03/2012 784 SA
Universities Sir, Form of thapar university is out.I want to know the feedback of thapar university?is ... Sumit Singhal on 16/03/2012 790 SA
Eligibility  sir , the students from other than u.p is eligible for upsee 2012 or not vijay on 16/03/2012 872 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir, i hav filled application form for nimcet but havn't dispatched the form yet..accordin... srish on 12/03/2012 842 SA
Others sir, I hav filled online applicatin form for nimcet but not dispatched the form yet&n... nupur on 12/03/2012 842 SA
Placements sir i want to do mca. i want to know that i got 65% in 10th, 56% in 12th,and 73% in B.Sc(m... prerna mishra on 12/03/2012 673 SA
Entrance Examinations respect sir, i have filled ip university entrance exam form for mca and i forgot to fill m... yashpal verma on 12/03/2012 785 SA
SANMACS Respected Sir I am student of sanmacs of kdec batch. i am worry abt the course how will... amit on 12/03/2012 689 SA
Universities Respected Sir, please tell me how good the extension centres of BIT Mesra are?? like the o... rohit on 12/03/2012 674 SA
Eligibility Hello sir Sir i have filled forms of IP and JNU, is there any other university which is g... lalit on 11/03/2012 676 SA
Others Respective sir, I have dispatched BHU form through speedpost but it is not yet delivered.... Pawan Parashar on 11/03/2012 859 SA
Others Sir , according to you which is the top most informationtechnology degree btech in it orco... Vikas on 11/03/2012 639 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir i am sanmacsian form of thapar university is out but application fee is dam high Rs 2... anuj on 10/03/2012 958 SA
Placements sir,which is the best in them to take admission in mca course.I have filled form of Indrap... purushottam kumar on 09/03/2012 756 SA
Eligibility SirI am persuing BCA from IP University. I have studied maths in first 4 semesters of BCA.... Ankit Sharma on 09/03/2012 683 SA
Others Sir ,I am trying to create a login for nimcet-2012 but whenever i try to open the web site... gaurav on 09/03/2012 794 SA
Eligibility sir, i am eligible for nimcet according to percentage criteria but i had a gap of one... manu on 09/03/2012 679 SA
Placements sir, how are panjab university and guru nanak dev university in terms of placements? Lavanya on 09/03/2012 668 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir i am a sanmacsian!I want to know that since the bit mesra will conduct its entrance on... Chetan Sharma on 08/03/2012 671 SA
Universities sir, how is the placement of pondicherry university and jamia milia islamia? kartikaa on 07/03/2012 876 SA
MCA Entrance Training Hello Sir I Would like to have your Expert opinion. I have completed my BCA from Kashmi... Usman on 07/03/2012 813 SA
Placements sir how the placement portal of bit mishra..and fees structure.... NAGENDRA NEGI on 05/03/2012 778 SA
Admission Respected sir, I have done my BCA from M.D.U university with 68% marks i want to... Raj sharma on 05/03/2012 707 SA
MCA Entrance Training Helo sir please suggest me that which is the best institute for preparation of MCA entranc... rohit on 04/03/2012 853 SA
Eligibility sir........           please tell me eli... vikash on 04/03/2012 794 SA
Admission Respected Sir, I have appered for 12th mathematics examination my result will be declared... DEEPAK KUMAR on 02/03/2012 685 SA
Career Options sir maine IGNOU se bca kiya hai jise karne me mujhe 5 years lag gaye .so main janna chahta... suraj kumar singh on 02/03/2012 796 SA
Admission  sir Is UPCET a good option for MCA...and sir please suggest me which are good univer... ruchika on 01/03/2012 757 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, I'm facing a problem while filling JNU's online form. After i'd entered my all deta... RINKU SHARMA on 01/03/2012 905 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Means Sir I only need to score pass marks (33) in NIOS (maths) paper as i am already havin... Bhawesh Sharma on 01/03/2012 893 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, Which is better JNU or BHU....JNU xam is very if I Choose BHU as they... Bhawesh Sharma on 01/03/2012 1473 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir, I Passed My 10+2 Exam (Arts Stream)with 78.15 % marks from Raj. Board and I am in Fi... Bhawesh Sharma on 01/03/2012 820 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir , Is in UPSEE 2012 domicile of UP must . If i haven't domicile of up then am i illeg... vivek on 29/02/2012 834 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir In jnu wat are BSC topics for maths... amit on 28/02/2012 674 SA
Entrance Examinations sir how many question comes in maharastha entrance exam......sir mahrastha uni kay exam ma... NAGENDRA on 28/02/2012 653 SA
Universities sir in this year outsider are applicable for up university or not NAGENDRA on 28/02/2012 614 SA
SANMACS Sir,Is there a BSC maths also in bhu entrance exam. amit on 28/02/2012 605 SA
Others Dear sir               I wanted know about AICTE n... BHASKER KUMAR on 28/02/2012 663 SA
Eligibility Sir,I have completed my 10+2 with commerce and after that done BCA passed with 72%. I just... Ashutosh Kumar on 28/02/2012 644 SA
Entrance Examinations dear sir, can u tell me that what the syllabus (in Math) for IP University... shri on 27/02/2012 646 SA
Admission Sir i recently join sanmacs 2month crash course but sir i missed lots of classes due to la... Sumit Saurav on 27/02/2012 646 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected sir, please tell me how is the mca from ICET according the placement of the... Kunwar aditya singh on 27/02/2012 802 SA
Entrance Examinations can i get nic entrance material from sanmacs? i have done mca from amu.... now i want to g... imam rasool on 27/02/2012 661 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear Sir, Is it necessary to take out a coloured print of online filled application form... Rinku Sharma on 27/02/2012 640 SA
Career Options Dear Sir I was student of batch 2009-10, And Now I am Pursuing MCA from BHU...I am thin... Atiqur Rahman on 26/02/2012 665 SA
Others respected sir, i want to ask u that "is cordinate geometry a part of NIMCET exam?" ankur on 26/02/2012 572 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Is lateral entry distance graduates comes under 10+2+3 pattern? If course is approved by D... Vikrant kumar on 26/02/2012 614 SA
Entrance Examinations Dear Sir, Can we take out the printout of BHU's online application form in Black n white ... Rahul Sharma on 26/02/2012 621 SA
Others dear sir,            i was student ... UDAY SHANKER PANDEY on 26/02/2012 814 SA
0 Sir, has the reservation based on merit in DU-MCA and Msc been removed? Saumya Agarwal on 26/02/2012 838 SA
Others sir, i did'nt get admit card of pune universities. how can i download????????? Renuka on 25/02/2012 666 SA
Universities Sir, is jamia hamdard a regular university for mca..? Vikram on 25/02/2012 659 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir, in filling the jnu entrance for online, there's an option asking for subjects/cour... Shilpi on 24/02/2012 722 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, i have complited my xth with 43% marks and twelveth with 54% with PCm. graduati... rashid ali on 24/02/2012 845 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility respected sir, sir i have got 69% in 10, 58% in 10+2, and 60% in 10+2+3. so please tell... vijay shankar upadhyay on 24/02/2012 664 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir, i have got 45% in 10 ,55% in 10+2( with b.math) , and 62.08% in 1... BHASKER KUMAR on 23/02/2012 701 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir, i have got 54% in 10 ,60% in 10+2, and 65% in 10+2+3, please tell me... Kunwar aditya singh on 23/02/2012 691 SA
Universities Dear Sir,AMONG THESE NIT'S WHICH IS BEST,2nd BEST,3rd BEST AND FURTHER.?NIT TRICHY,NIT SUR... sonu on 23/02/2012 891 SA
Entrance Examinations Gdmrng sir, hows aligarh muslim university in terms of placement ? Shubham on 21/02/2012 767 SA
Activities of SANMACS Sir i am student of kdec batch. Sir my question is when will u start BSC maths for jnu .pl... amit on 21/02/2012 875 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications When will be PU ChandiGharh MCA Form wud be out!!! Dipesh on 21/02/2012 1523 SA
Eligibility sir I want to know about quartile state and quartile district asked in jnu online applicat... gaurav on 21/02/2012 19016 SA
Admission Kunwar aditya singh on 21/02/2012 592 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications good afternoon sir, sir my question is for "Regional Engineering College". I am doing ... rahul on 21/02/2012 681 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications SIR, UPTU  form for MCA entrance exam date is announced yet or not?there any particul... shubham on 20/02/2012 636 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir ,how many seats are there in pune university?and can i get previous year exam papers o... priya on 20/02/2012 914 SA
Placements sir,orissa jee ka placement kaisa hai. prabhat on 20/02/2012 628 SA
Eligibility Hello Sir - My question is "50% marks in 10+2+3 Pattern" It means student require 50% mark... Sunil on 19/02/2012 677 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility I have joined SANMACS crash course for mca 2012. For jnu mca entrance i should mainly focu... NAVIN on 19/02/2012 771 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Sir i m BA (maths in 12th). Am i eligible for jnu exam ? I m elible for how many exam. Mithilesh on 19/02/2012 630 SA
New Batches sir i want to knw abt the  new regular batch  wen they are going to start ,and a... anuj on 19/02/2012 645 SA
Entrance Examinations Hello sir,sir i have completed my  10  and 12 from outside delhi but my graduati... Mohit srivastav on 19/02/2012 831 SA
Entrance Examinations sir i wanna know about the exam pattern of pune university  priya on 18/02/2012 733 SA
Admission Hello Sir,         I am not good in maths. And I h... Prashant on 18/02/2012 729 SA
Universities Sir, G.B Pant university kesi hai...? ravi on 18/02/2012 696 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir MP MCA IS GOOD OR NOT? Awanish Kumar on 17/02/2012 639 SA
Placements Respected Sir, I'm selected for Wipro Wase.Should I fill IP ,GB Pant Univ forms? Ashish Panwar on 17/02/2012 695 SA
Counselling sir,how is dte maharastra?what is the status of this it a good one to take as an o... suman on 17/02/2012 656 SA
MCA Entrance Training Respected sir i am student of sanmacs of kdec batch sir i little worry about entrance exam... ravi on 17/02/2012 980 SA
Placements sir,G.B.Pant university ka placement kaisa hai. amar on 16/02/2012 802 SA
Placements sir how the placement portal of g. b pant ..and Tejpur university....which is best  .... nagendra on 16/02/2012 936 SA
Eligibility Respected sir plese tell me whether i am applicable for jnu 2012 entrance examination if i... SUMIT SAURAVH on 14/02/2012 946 SA
Others Sir,this time qs was easy or tricky?Many students ans 60+ questions.So apke hisab se paper... Arindam on 13/02/2012 864 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir dates of BHU and JNU  are collapsing , for me both are equally important ... and ... swati on 13/02/2012 785 SA
Entrance Examinations respected sir i want to know about the jamia hamdard,jamia millia islamia,g b pant and d... simmi on 13/02/2012 696 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications GOOD MORNING SIR, Sir i am pursuing my B.c.A from usha martin college and... Vishal Kumar on 13/02/2012 685 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir jnu aur bhu ka date collapse kar rha hai kisko bharna aacha rahega sir????????? Abhishek kumar singh on 13/02/2012 808 SA
Others sir what is the cutt-off for jam 2012 i wii be achive 150 marks in mca    here s... sataynrayan sharma on 13/02/2012 931 SA
Others Dear Sir I am doing BCA from Maharishi Dayanand University by distance mode... Umesh on 12/02/2012 914 SA
Placements sir how the placement portal of joint entrance examination orrisa..... nagendra negi on 12/02/2012 737 SA
Entrance Examinations how to crack iit jam mca entrance?...please give me some tips with some good books. Tinku Das on 12/02/2012 1030 SA
Others respected sir kindly tel me the top 5 mca university . whose form is available at this ... sanjay kumar on 12/02/2012 726 SA
Universities Sir, what is the ranking of following instiute in case of mca iitr,pune university ,bhu hb... Vikas kumar on 12/02/2012 782 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir,Tell me about AIMCET. Deepak on 12/02/2012 753 SA
Placements sir,i passed 10th in 2005 with 73% marks and 12th in 2007 with 76% marks.but i had a gap o... shaon das on 11/02/2012 777 SA
0 respected sir   BHU and JNU both exams are on same date so sir what i can do? ... chandrnshu on 11/02/2012 922 SA
Eligibility respected sir, can i apply MCA entrance of JNU,BHU,and IPuniversity .Because my 10th % i... uday verma on 11/02/2012 720 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir,What is the prosess of taking admissin in ICSE Indore for MCA. lokesh bhushan singh on 10/02/2012 722 SA
Entrance Examinations sir    Is their any interview for jnu MCA entrance  examiination after... Ajay Kumar Maurya on 10/02/2012 865 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir this time there is same date for the entrance test for jnu and bhu.both r very prestig... kumar on 10/02/2012 883 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir, i got 57% marks with maths in my 12th i am eligible for nimcet entrance e... Anil on 09/02/2012 694 SA
MCA Entrance Training sir i am little week in maths part, so plz give some tips to crack mca entrance exam of to... salim ahmad on 09/02/2012 683 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications hello sir i am from KAUE batch i want to ask that the entrance exams of BHU and JNU are on... kanchan gupta on 09/02/2012 677 SA
Entrance Examinations what is AIMCET. WHO CONDUCT THIS EXAM...WHETHER THIS IS AN EXAM FOR MCA COURSE IN IIT,S. nagendra negi on 09/02/2012 1185 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir , i am doing bca from EIILM UNIVERSITY of distance education , so am i able ... prashant on 09/02/2012 683 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir, I have completed my 12th from bio and i didn't had mathematics a... DEEPAK KUMAR on 09/02/2012 862 SA
Entrance Examinations respected sir i want to join ip university for mca but in last year i mention the c... shyam bahadur on 08/02/2012 845 SA
Others respected sir. i want to know that uptu is good for mca its placement? rajeev on 08/02/2012 767 SA
Placements Sir,what is the level of amity noida mca ,pu chandigarh mca Vikas kumar on 07/02/2012 787 SA
Admission sir, my final semester result will declare on 12 September(expected)and can get marksheet ... Himanshu Jain on 07/02/2012 684 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected Sir,            Plz tell ... Ajay Kumar Maurya on 07/02/2012 722 SA
Universities hello sir i want to know that how's the VIT and thapper university?? n about its placemen... sandeep purohit on 07/02/2012 769 SA
Placements sir, i want to know about the gurukul kangdi university, haridwar and plz tell me about th... vineet kumar on 07/02/2012 703 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir How is Sikkim Manipal University. And Is it's entrance exam is tough. Vijay on 07/02/2012 735 SA
Admission Respected sir, i am outsider of UP state. Am I eligible of UPSEE for mca? Rakesh sinha on 06/02/2012 719 SA
Placements sir how the placement portal of tancet..(anna university) NAGENDRA NEGI on 06/02/2012 889 SA
Admission How many questions was cut off last year for jnu mca.Sir,which institute is best for mca n... neha on 06/02/2012 1027 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir      i want to know that i do not have math in 12 but i have math ... Ajay Maurya on 06/02/2012 765 SA
Admission sir, plz tel me how is SRM, chennai for m.c.a and what about its placement. aDitya singh on 06/02/2012 706 SA
Admission sir, plz tel me how is SRM, chennai for m.c.a and what about its placement. aDitya singh on 06/02/2012 686 SA
Admission if i able to do i prerared for my last year runningin niit. waquar yusuf on 06/02/2012 706 SA
Admission sir ,how could i  get admission .i am in niit institute doing  is it val... waquar yusuf on 06/02/2012 680 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications What about tezpur University,is it good or not? Sanjeet on 06/02/2012 731 SA
Admission what is cut off for jnu mca i.e. how many questions on an average should i do correctly to... NAVIN on 05/02/2012 1277 SA
Eligibility Sir i was having back in one my last semester subject and this year i will be giving re-ex... Naman Jain on 05/02/2012 716 SA
Counselling Sir,I am student of Seedling academy, Jaipur and doing M.C.A. currently in 2nd semester.I ... Maan Gupta on 05/02/2012 668 SA
Career Options Sir,I am doing M.C.A. and now in 2nd year, before that I have done B.C.A.I want to know th... Sonu Gupta on 05/02/2012 751 SA
Eligibility Respected sir , I have complete my BSc(IT) Degree through lateral entry this year. an... ankit pandey on 05/02/2012 715 SA
Counselling hello sir,sir i wanted to know number of seats in pune university for general category for... Mohit srivastav on 05/02/2012 732 SA
Counselling respected sir,..i want to know hw many seats are there for gen. category students in pune ... Mohit srivastav on 04/02/2012 764 SA
Career Options Sir, i have passed my x(73%)i... Vikas kumar on 04/02/2012 962 SA
Counselling Hello sir i am a sanmacian.I want to know how is jammia hammdard university for mca?? Akash Gupta on 04/02/2012 785 SA
Eligibility Dear Sir I am doing BCA from Maharishi Dayayand University from distance ... Anamika Chopra on 04/02/2012 792 SA
Counselling hello sir ! I am sanmacsian. Sir i want to know how are Tezpur and Manipal universities fo... Prem verma on 03/02/2012 744 SA
Universities Sir, Im a Sanmacsian.. Is it advisable 2 apply for DTE Maharashtra?? Are the universitie... Rajashree G on 03/02/2012 814 SA
Admission Sir, i have filled up pune university form and unfortunately, there i make a mistake. My m... Ashish kumar singh on 03/02/2012 967 SA
Placements Hello sir,        I have less percentage in 10 and 12 b... Vijay on 02/02/2012 1030 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility respected sir, i am pursuing B.SCIT from NIITwhich is in collaboration with kuvempu uni... rakesh on 02/02/2012 947 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Kunwar aditya singh on 02/02/2012 730 SA
Placements sir how the placement portal of m.p university. nagendra negi on 02/02/2012 869 SA
Placements hello sir im a sanmacsian and i would like to know how is the placement portal of goa univ... bhawna on 01/02/2012 1010 SA
Admission Sir,I want to know among these universities which are best on the basis of Education and p... Deepak Kumar on 01/02/2012 853 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir i want to know the minimum marks to be eligible to get enterance in a good university.... pankaj chourasia on 01/02/2012 868 SA
Entrance Examinations Sir Jamia Hamdard University is good for MCA?? rakesh mahto on 01/02/2012 963 SA
Counselling Dear Sir.I m doing MSc IT from dhirubhai ambani institute of information and communication... Piyush on 30/01/2012 887 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility     Subject:- admission in MCA in any regular college sir,  i have co... vinit kumar singh on 30/01/2012 923 SA
MCA Entrance Training Sir, I am not a sanmacian, I want to prepare for MCA so plz tell me which book i prefer fo... Mohit Joshi on 30/01/2012 884 SA
Admission sir i m BCA vi sem student and belonging from schedule cast sir i want to do mca at jam ,s... Balaji on 29/01/2012 1007 SA
MCA Entrance Training Respected sir, i got 967 rank last year in MCA entrance of IP university..but i could n... sambhav on 26/01/2012 979 SA
Eligibility Sir, is it true that my age should be 20 by july 2012 to be able to appear in JNU exam. a... Swati Goel on 26/01/2012 851 SA
MCA Entrance Training pls deatle give me Golden Manjesh on 25/01/2012 950 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility SIR I PASSED 12 th AND  GRADUATION WITH FIRST DIVISION.BUT MY AGE IS NOT COMPLETED 21... Nagendra Negi on 24/01/2012 850 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility hello sir, I have completed my high school with 74% and intemediate(maths) with 64% but ... pravin singh on 24/01/2012 834 SA
Eligibility respected sir,i have done bca from ignou but my english & english grammer is weak. and... Virendra Tiwari on 24/01/2012 797 SA
Entrance Examinations sir, is there any all india entrance examination for mca on basis of this we can take admi... kanu on 24/01/2012 819 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Hi Sir, I had done BCA from GNDU (2011),with 57.04 %..... so i want to knw tht whether i... akansha on 24/01/2012 840 SA
SANMACS sir I have not done any prepration for mca before by just attending crash course of 2 mont... kritika soni on 23/01/2012 1057 SA
Entrance Examinations Respected Sir,Is MAHMCA-CET is a good mca exam? Are students of delhi eligible for this ex... Namita on 23/01/2012 1056 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility hello sir, my Q is my . MY 10th 62% 12th 48% Graduation 61% . then i m eligib... uday verma on 22/01/2012 1073 SA
Jobs sir, is it necessary to learn networking and hardware with mca course vikram pratap singh on 22/01/2012 949 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, i have got 54% marks in High school, 60% marks in intermediate and 66% marks in grad... kunwar aditya singh on 21/01/2012 959 SA
Eligibility hello sir,i dont have maths in +2 level, i filled the form of nios so now sir i have to sc... Sandeep purohit on 20/01/2012 937 SA
Eligibility Sir, I have got 54% in 12th with science maths. Doing bca from ip university with aggregat... Sourabh Bajaj on 20/01/2012 951 SA
MCA Entrance Notifications sir, which book in mathematics & reasoning help us to crack the MCA entrance exam. dania on 20/01/2012 1085 SA
Placements dear sir,i want to do mca this year.after graduation i have two years gap.will it affect i... asit on 20/01/2012 1312 SA
Eligibility Respected Sir, I am doing BCA From Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak by... Sahil on 20/01/2012 1091 SA
Eligibility Respected Sir, I am doing BCA from Maharishi Dayanand Uiversity, R... Sahil on 19/01/2012 1147 SA
Eligibility respected sir, sir i want to know about the eligibility criteria of NIMCET.sir in 10th st... Rahul kumar on 18/01/2012 1333 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Dear sirI had done BCA from Integral university, Lucknow. My subjects in +2 are PCB + CS, ... Rajneesh Barnwal on 18/01/2012 1333 SA
Admission I am student of BScIT from NIIT(it is affliated by Kuvempu University). This is lateral in... Rishikesh Pathak on 18/01/2012 1568 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility sir, my HSC marks is 54.75 with maths & graduation marks is 75.25. Should can i&... rupesh on 18/01/2012 1533 SA
Courses Conducted by SANMACS Dear Sir, I studying in BCA 2nd Sem. I want to take correspondence course for du, jnu mca ... Pooja Jangid on 17/01/2012 1422 SA
Eligibility Dear sir, I am doing BCA from Maharishi Dayanand University ( correspondence... UMESH on 17/01/2012 1737 SA
Entrance Examination Eligibility Respected sir, i want to know that which good university i can apply. plz give me list of ... nitin kumar gupta on 17/01/2012 1899 SA
Others respected sir, i m interested in doing part time mca course. then plz tell me about top i... Himanshu Suthar on 15/01/2012 1916 SA
Career Options Respected sir, sir i am in ksse karol bagh batch. sir i got selected in wipro tech wase p... Rakesh Mahto on 13/01/2012 2160 SA
Career Options Is the syllabus for all the MCA entrances same ? Kamal Malhotra on 11/01/2012 2333 SA
Career Options What is the scope after doing MCA? Amit Singhal on 11/12/2011 3066 SA
Career Options What is an MCA qualification? Dinesh Gupta on 11/12/2011 6309 SA
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